On My Christmas Wishlist…

It’s that time of year – you know, when people ask what you would like for Christmas. And while I do find more joy is giving gifts, I like receiving them as well…I am human, after all. Below are a list of items that are on my Christmas list. Obviously, I am not expecting to receive all of the items, but if one or two show up under the tree on Christmas morning, I certainly will not be disappointed. To be honest, I’ll probably break into an embarrassing happy dance while whooping.

Kate Spade Stevie Bag

As far as handbags go, Kate Spade has my heart. This Stevie Bag is huge and can be used a purse/diaper bag combo without screaming, “Hi! I gave up fashion for motherhood.” I bought my last Kate Spade bag with Christmas money in 2008 (like this but in red) and it still looks like new. So while the price is a little difficult to stomach, the craftsmanship is amazing and helps soften the blow.

11678038Drawer Organizer Set (multiple sets)

I realize drawer organizers are perhaps not a particular popular Christmas item, but every time I walk by them at Target, I can’t help but drool. They’re not overly expensive but cost just enough money to keep me from throwing them into my cart as an ‘everyday’ purchase.


Fun Socks (multiple vendors)

During the warmer months, I never wear socks. But once it dips around 40 degrees and below, I breakout the feet warmers. I absolutely can’t stand white socks because of the dinginess factor. And since life is too short to wear boring socks when bumming around the house or underneath boots – fun socks it is!


The North Face 1/4 Zip or 1/2 Zip Pull Over

My winter uniform typically consists of skinny jeans, a fitted white t-shirt, and a some sort of piece of active wear. My favorites are my 1/4 zip pullovers by The North Face. I hope to add to my collection during our time in Washington DC. They’re the perfect weight for the somewhat mild winters here.


Desk Easel and other painting supplies

I haven’t painted much since Weston was born and I miss it terribly. I hope to get started again soon!


DSLR Camera Backpack

Right now, I have a small camera bag for my camera and it just isn’t cutting it. I am looking into getting another lens too, so I am going to need more storage space. While this above backpack isn’t the most stylish, it is the best reviewed on Amazon for an amateur photographer. Perfect!

So there you have it…my Christmas wish list. Do you have any similar items on your list?


3 thoughts on “On My Christmas Wishlist…

  1. I like your list. I didn’t realize all the colors available for The North Face. I hope you are pleasantly surprised on Christmas morning. You deserve it 😉

  2. Oh Kate Spade.
    I own a phone cover and a Kindle cover from her. I WILL own one of her handbags. Soon.

    Also, the REI down here in Woodbridge has a boat load of clearance stuff going on – you should send Clay down here to check it out! Socks! Jackets! WIN!

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