Miracle in the Manger

This morning was the Christmas Pageant at Weston’s preschool. Now I’ve been looking forward to this day ever since I registered the little guy for school back in August. Seriously, what is not to love about a bunch of preschoolers in costume attempting to sing and dance their way through the birth of Jesus? And because I volunteer a lot of my time at the school, Clay and I were gifted second row seats. Color this mommy and daddy happy.


Don’t worry, Weston doesn’t attend preschool with a bunch of faceless drones (although I suppose that could be cool in a post-apocolyptic way), I just blurred the faces of his classmates to protect their privacy. Weston’s class were the ladybugs. I bet you didn’t know there were ladybugs present during the miracle at the manger, did you? They wore bells on their feet and sang Ring, Ring, Ring The Bells with questionable accuracy. We.loved.every.minute!


Afterwards, Weston gifted us with a handmade ornament that now has a prime spot on our tree. We couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present. Following the show, the three of us went out for brunch. After all, Clay and I thought the little guy deserved a hot chocolate for all of the hard work he put into the pageant. And I’m not going to lie, it was pretty much the most perfect morning.


3 thoughts on “Miracle in the Manger

  1. Uncle Mike and I miss those days!!! Mike went to the 5th grade band concert Tuesday night (I had to work) and he was very impressed with the progress made since the 1st concert in October. It is Ian’s 1st year in band and he plays the trombone. He told his mom he wanted to play the trombone so he could come to Lansing and play it on a corner and make money like the guys do in Detroit and Chicago that he has seen when we go to the MLB games. The things that kids come up with!
    Aunt Sue

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