Christmas Celebrations

Our house was full of people, noise, and blessings over the Christmas holiday. No knives were thrown, minimal tears were shed, and there were enough hugs to satisfy Danny Tanner. My sister, Megan, and her husband, Mike, and son, Mikey, joined my parents (MacDaddy D and Ms. S) and our little family for an early Christmas celebration on the 21st. Because part of the fun of the Christmas season is having multiple designated Christmases (we leave tomorrow to celebrate with Clay’s family in Wilmington, NC) in addition to celebrating on the date as set by the Gregorian calendar.


On the night of our anniversary, we took advantage of the free childcare (thanks Mom!) and headed into Washington DC for date night. We strolled around the National Gallery of Art (the Apollo by Michelangelo was in town and did not disappoint), walked around up and down the National Mall, and ate dinner at the District Chophouse. The food was good but I’m pretty sure our waiter was more coked-up than the coked-up werewolf on Conan.


In addition to traditional Christmas cookies, Megan and the boys made a Christmas tree out of fruity pebbles, marshmallows, frosting, and M&Ms. I’ll spare you the after shot…the fact that the little dudes had a good time is all that matters.




More presents!


Homemade cinnamon rolls were the name of the game for breakfast on fake Christmas morning.


Megan, Mike, and Mikey left on Sunday morning so the rest of us spent the day playing tourists with my parents.


We were sure to pose for a picture before the Christmas Eve service.


MacDaddy D and Ms. S participated too.


The real Christmas morning.


My parents left this morning and it is back to just our little family in the house. We woke up to the first snow of the year – It’s all gone now but those 1.5 inches were fun while they lasted. So while we didn’t have a white Christmas in Washington DC, we had a white {half} Boxing Day. I’ll take it!


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