Over 40%

I am now over 40% of the way through this pregnancy. And wouldn’t you know that this morning, I noticed the beginning stages of the telltale baby bump. It may just look like a beer gut to the casual observer, but I’m thrilled to be moving out of the “Girl, you’re getting thick!” stage and into “Ohhhhh, I think she’s pregnant.” Although, I’m sure before long I’ll be hitting the oh-s0-fun “You’re due any day now, right?” phase and dreaming of the days when I just looked like I ate a big lunch.



A Little Bit of Snow

Woohoo! We woke up this morning to a thin blanket of snow. During our Fort Drum days, two – three inches would have been considered chump change, but since it’s been almost five years since our tour in the north country, we now get excited at any visit from the white stuff. What can I say – we’re simple folk.


The little guy’s preschool is operating on a two-hour delay so I think we’ll enjoy the snow before heading out for the day. And a huge thank you to Clay for brushing off my car before heading into work. He’s a keeper!

A Morning Walk

For a hot second, we considered attending the Inauguration yesterday. After all, we likely will not be stationed in this area by the time the next inauguration rolls around. But upon thinking of the logistics associated with being stuck on the National Mall for hours upon hours (along with almost a million other people) with a 3-year-old and me being a pregnant woman that throws up  at the mere whiff of Asian cuisine, we decided to play it safe at watch the events unfold from the comfort of our own house. And chances are, we will be stationed in the Washington DC area again later on so the opportunity will likely present itself again at some point.



Before turning on the television, we headed outside for a brisk walk along the greenway trail that is behind our house. One of the selling features for choosing this townhouse to rent was the private wooded access to miles upon miles are gorgeous trails, complete with lakes, rivers, and creeks. The weather has been fairly mild this winter (no snow yet (sigh), but rainy so being able to go for a walk on the trail was a welcomed treat.




One thing that we will like about being stationed in the Washington DC area is the sheer amount of people enjoying the outdoors. There are always runners, walkers, bikers, and pick-up games of softball/soccer wherever you turn. It’s refreshing to see active people, regardless of the temperature. Although, the snow is welcome to arrive at any moment. I’m craving the white stuff and will probably go all Tony Montana on it when it finally arrives.