Help! I’m Turning Into Oatmeal.

Oh. My. Goodness. It’s official – my mind is mush. There are many days where I feel like I am wading through oatmeal, unable to accomplish even the most simplest of tasks. Hence the lack of blog posts. Not that I’ve experienced anything blog-worthy of late. We were all sick this past weekend and aside from a trip on Saturday evening to IKEA and a kid birthday party on Sunday afternoon, we just laid low and vegged.
Oatmeal-QuickIt isn’t just my mind that is turning into oatmeal – so is my body. I’m in that awkward “Is she pregnant or has she been eating too much chocolate cake with a spoon at midnight?” stage which is officially my least favorite stage of pregnancy. And it is making me want to give myself bangs. Which just may be the worst (or best) idea. Jury is still oat out.


2 thoughts on “Help! I’m Turning Into Oatmeal.

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