Truckin’ Along.

Yesterday afternoon, Clay was promoted. The promotion ceremony and reception were simple and low-key (just our style!) and we celebrated afterwards with friends and co-workers at the Fort Belvoir Golf Club.


When I was a brand-spanking-new Army wife, I would scoff at the idea that the Army was more than just Clay’s job. Fresh out of college, I was unsure of the role I wanted my husband’s involvement in the military to play in my life so I kept the Army at arm’s length. But that has changed over time.  Our experiences since the ‘newbie-phase’ have made me realize that while the military is Clay’s job, it is also our life. The sacrifices we’ve made thus far have been worth the journey, but they’re still sacrifices. And often times, they’re sacrifices that aren’t understood by many (e.g. “You chose to deploy right after the birth of your first child?” or “You’re moving WHERE?” or “You’re staying in? You know we’re at war, right?“). That’s okay. Perhaps there are elements of this lifestyle that aren’t meant to be understood.


We’ve been lucky in the fact that all of Clay’s promotions have occurred stateside. This means that I’ve been able to ‘pin on’ his rank for his commissioning and subsequent promotions. The little guy was still sleepy from his nap so he wasn’t a terribly active participant in the ceremony but he didn’t cry or throw a tantrum so I can’t really complain.


Although to be fair, Weston was most interested in the cake and cupcakes.


The little guy took his cake and inserted himself in conversation with other soldiers in attendance. Who knows – maybe our three-year-old holds the key to a successful foreign policy mission. Worth a shot, right?


The obligatory family photo. As with any career, this lifestyle isn’t always pretty or full of rainbows – I’ve blogged many times over about struggles and frustrations concerning the military. But there are also many highlights I’ve written about too – like this. So while there will likely be more struggles and frustrations in the future, here’s to there being more highlights too. I’ll cheers to that!

Oh – and I didn’t throw up during the ceremony. Bonus.


4 thoughts on “Truckin’ Along.

  1. Yay for not throwing up! And Congrats on the promotion. The military is definitely a lifestyle and the wives that embrace it like you are can be such an encouragement!

  2. Congrats to Clay and your family on the promotion. That really is an accomplishment for everyone bc like you said a career in the Army really does affect a whole family.

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