Some Recent Favorites – An Internet Roundup, If You Will.

The clouds are beginning to part. My stomach is now allowing me to stare at a computer screen longer than a couple of minutes and I am able to enjoy most foods. Except Asian. Don’t even mention Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Thai food around me. Please. I beg you.


To answer a couple of questions that have been thrown our way recently – Yes, we are going to find out the gender. And no, we don’t have any names picked out. To be honest, we haven’t discussed names much but I am starting to tinker around Nameberry. At this rate, I can only hope we have a name picked out by the time little Percival or Gertrude arrives.

It’s been about five months since we’ve arrived in the Washington DC area, so I really appreciated how Jill wrote honestly about the frustrations that can pop-up when you PCS to ‘foreign’ area of the country in a blog post titled How Old Am I Again? Whenever I’ve moved to a new area of the country, I’ve found that it takes a certain amount of digging deep inside in order to find the strength so I could pull up my big girl panties, so to speak. While it is exciting to always have a new adventure on the horizon, it isn’t always easy to continuously start over. I do think that by not living in the same house or even the same state during my childhood helped prepare me somewhat but there are always relocation pains (think growing pains) that accompany a PCS.

The PBS Kids iPhone App has been a lifesaver as of late. I have no shame in using technology to calm a cranky preschooler when out running errands.

Benefit Lemon-Aid allows me to look human during this energy-sucking phase of pregnancy that seems to be never-ending. It’s almost inhuman that wine consumption is highly discouraged. Just kidding. Sort of.

Ever since our visit to Alaska, I’ve dreamed of living North to the Future someday. Unfortunately, Clay’s position in the Army ensures that our chances of living there courtesy of the US Government are slim to none (excuse me while I cry…but  I suppose you shouldn’t feel too sorry for us because there are a lot of other cool places that could be on our horizon). So I read Traveling with Andrew and Jen so I can live vicariously through them. Their little cottage on the edge of Denali National Park is all sorts of awesome. Fun fact – Jen is the sister of our brother-in-law, Edward.

This video gets me every time. Oh my goodness – the tears!


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