No PhD Required For a Visit

Last week, I went with some friends to Mon Ami Gabi for lunch in Bethesda, Maryland while little guy was at preschool (I signed him up for the extended afternoon program that day). Yes, this means that I am officially ‘a lady who lunches‘. I’m not going to lie – I could totally get use to this idea of eating lunch kid-free at some of the best restaurants in the Washington DC area. I can’t wait to see where we go next month! For those wondering, I had sparkling peach lemonade, french onion soup, and small pot of mussels with white wine sauce.

Desktop64Bethesda, Maryland has to be one of my favorite towns in the United States. When we lived in Raleigh, I went there on a five-day business trip and fell in love. Named after the Bethesda Meeting House, it is one of the most-educated areas in the country. In fact, with it being the home to the National Institute of Heath and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda has the highest concentration of PhDs in the country. Because of this population, it is an extremely expensive (but lovely!) place to live. And the houses. Oh my – the houses are so charming in an ‘I could never afford to live in one’ sort of way. And since I don’t see us ever joining the Burning Tree Club or the Congressional Country Club, I think Bethesda will remain a place we visit and not a place to live in our lifetime.


Anyone else out there a fan of Bethesda?


3 thoughts on “No PhD Required For a Visit

  1. Your lunch looks amazing!

    I haven’t been there as an adult (I lived in Silver Spring as a baby, so I’m betting I’ve been there in my pre-memory years). It sounds amazing. Bethesda is only about an hour and half from Wilmington. Perhaps I’ll have to drag the husband on a little excursion some time this fall??

  2. Love Bethesda. My husband works at Walter Reed so we briefly considered renting an apartment there for the dream commute and the chance to live there for a few years, but we just couldn’t justify it. Rent on a two bedroom apartment is $500 more a month than our almost 3000 sq ft house 30 minutes away! We did live in Rockville last time we lived here and I definitely miss being close by.

  3. Oh your lunch is making me want to ditch this Whole30 thing! Yum lady! We’ve never been to Bethesda, I’ll have to add it to our list.

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