Over 40%

I am now over 40% of the way through this pregnancy. And wouldn’t you know that this morning, I noticed the beginning stages of the telltale baby bump. It may just look like a beer gut to the casual observer, but I’m thrilled to be moving out of the “Girl, you’re getting thick!” stage and into “Ohhhhh, I think she’s pregnant.” Although, I’m sure before long I’ll be hitting the oh-s0-fun “You’re due any day now, right?” phase and dreaming of the days when I just looked like I ate a big lunch.



7 thoughts on “Over 40%

  1. LOVE the way you write. Love it. And OMG YOU ARE SO TINY. I was one of those people that basically looked like the side of a (very large) barn at that point in pregnancy. You commented on my blog recently (about Korea) but you had a no-reply blogger email so I couldn’t reply to ya! 😉 Anyways, newest follower. Love the bit about your son in the side column- cracked me up! 😉

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