Let’s Talk About the Nursery

When we first arrived to the Washington DC area late last summer and were tasked with finding a house to rent (the waiting list for on-post housing for Clay’s rank is approximately two years. Two years!), we knew that we wanted at least three bedrooms. And because Clay isn’t a General, finding an updated townhome in a desirable area with four bedrooms in our price range proved to be a futile fight, so we ended up with a three bedroom that we adore. And now the time as come to turn the third bedroom into a nursery.




Pretty much a blank slate, right? I have high hopes for the nursery to be complete prior to the visit from the stork, despite our plan to have the baby chill with us in our room for at least the first couple of months. As of right now, the space needs a crib, a glider, a rug, and all the fun design elements that make for a dreamy nursery. We are going to try our hardest to make the existing futon work (I have big plans!) because it can serve as both a place for an overtired parent to relax during late-night cuddle sessions and an extra bed for overnight guests. I have a couple of ideas floating around my head so I am anxious to get started. But let’s save those ideas for another post. Instead, let’s take a look at what our nursery will not look like, shall we?


I’m not a huge fan of the mural but the rest…OHMYGOSH that giant moon that will haunt your dreams and possibly eat your sleeping baby. I think we can all agree that it is a bit much, right?


I can almost guarantee that Teresa Giudice used something similar and thought she was the classiest thing in Franklin Lakes. So fancy. I bet Melissa was so jealous!


No. Just no.


Professor Coldheart would not approve.


While I can appreciate the design that went into this nursery, I can’t help but think that a baby has never set a sweet-smelling foot inside. All that cream + puking/pooping/peeing baby is a housecleaner’s nightmare. And since I am considered the housecleaner around here, it is literally my worst nightmare. Cream…seriously?!?

Please feel free to send along favorite nursery ideas or even a link to a nursery you have decorated. With my pregnancy-brain (seriously, does it get worse with each pregnancy?), I can use all the help I can get!


7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About the Nursery

  1. OMG those are all so terrible. I think I’m going to have nightmares about that moon! I have a Pinterest page for both a boy and girl with nursery ideas that might be useful.

  2. Although my days of cranking out wee one’s is long in the past, I agree with you. What were the designers of those nurseries thinking? However, I must confess, I’d be embarrassed to show you a picture of my granddaughter’s nursery that my daughter designed. You can only take so much of Winnie the Poo!

    Good luck and how exciting to be bringing a wee one into the world!

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