Today is my 30th birthday.


My world is not cloaked in black, nor am I feeling the vice of time squeezing my hopes, goals, and dreams out of reach. In fact, my attitude is exactly the opposite – there are times were I literally (Chris Traeger voice and all) can’t wait to experience what the future holds. I have the feeling that my third decade is going to be full of unparalleled adventures.


Due to my current state, there will be no extremes while celebrating this milestone birthday. No skydiving, no winery tours, and no sushi. Even though polishing off a box Caramel Delights sounds absolutely delightful right now, I’m going to try and show some restraint while ringing in the arrival of my third decade. If I get a little crazy, I may treat myself to a non-alcoholic beer. Watch out! And because this is my blog, I thought I would digitally celebrate this now tame birthday by imparting some wisdom acquired over my 30 years of existence.

Things I Have Learned Over the Last 10,960 Days


You’re never too young to have alcohol featured in the obligatory birthday photograph.


A perm will always be a 99.9% bad idea.


Enjoy your siblings.

You’re most closely related to your siblings. Like it or not, you’re stuck with them so you might as well make the best of it. And who knows, you may eventually end up enjoying their company.


Marry a nice guy.

If he doesn’t treat at least 99% of the people around him well, chances are he won’t treat you well.


It’s okay to be irreverent at times.

There is always room for laughter.


Have a group of friends that have been there during the best and the worst of times.

Love you girls!


Get out there and be active. Your body will thank you for it.


Sometimes the scariest prospects become the greatest gifts.


There is always time for one last hug.


Don’t ever let there be a shortage of mother/son outings.

And finally, always remember this Chinese Proverb…


A wise woman adapts herself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it.

Here’s to the next 30 years!


9 thoughts on “30.

  1. Happy 30th Birthday! I love all the pictures are sage advice! Especially your last one. Hope you have a great day and that this decade is your best to date!

  2. Happy Birthday! Technically, I believe you are entering your 4th decade (you’ve already knocked 3 of them out of the park!)…and I’m sure it is going to be amazing. 30 never scared me, and I couldn’t wait to leave my 20’s behind (even though they were filled with amazing adventures and travel), but my 30’s have been fantastic so far. I KNOW 30 is going to be pretty spectacular for you…and I LOVE your photo journey! 🙂 Party hard…maybe even stay up until 10 or 11 tonight! 😉

  3. Happy 30th Birthday!!!!! (I’m not far behind you this fall! – gulp)

    And since you can’t do anything “extreme,” I vote for happy things…like prenatal massages…pedicures…accessory shopping. 🙂 You know, things that will make you almost as happy as a champagne-buzz on your day. 😉

    Hope you have a great day today!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Karen. So glad to know that your aren’t facing your 30’s with dread, but with anticipation of what lies ahead. As I get ready to jump into my 60’s,( 70th -gulp-decade) I find I am looking forward to see what fun lies ahead. Each decade seems to have been better than the one before.

  5. Happy Birthday, Karen. I’m just under 9 months into my 30s, and so far I’m finding everything good people have told me about them to be true. Enjoy the adventure.

  6. Happy birthday! To echo Mrs. Wookie up there, check out Nusta Spa in the city. Fantabulous prenatal (and regular, for that matter) massages.

    Have a great birthday!

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