The Curse of the Military

One of my favorite aspects of being associated with the military is knowing that we will never be in one place for too long. Maybe when our children are older and I am a bit a lot wiser, I’ll long for more permanent roots, but for now, I am perfectly content experiencing new places and faces every couple of years. However, with this revolving door of new addresses comes a curse – I find myself daydreaming of the possibilities of where we could go next just a little too much. For example, we have lived in the Washington DC area for approximately 7 months and even though I hope we’re here for quite some time (I’ve got nothing but love for NOVA), I can’t help but picture our little family in other parts of our country and the world that fall within the realm of our possible locations.

While the list below doesn’t represent all the possible locations (sorry Texas and Florida, you didn’t make it onto my list of dream assignments), it does showcase a large chunk of opportunities in Clay’s career field and chances are we will at least end up at one or two of the following locations…not too shabby, right?

681x454{source – lonely planet}

California wine country. I can already picture myself visiting winery after winery. I believe that it is important to immerse myself into the local culture so if drinking copious amounts of wine is what it takes to truly appreciate northern California – well, where do I sign up?

hawaii_luxury_beach-2{source – top luxury stuff}

Hawaii. When talking with other military families, Hawaii is one of those places that is either loved or hated. The detractors usually have a laundry list of not-so-nice aspects (e.g. schools, local relations, traffic, etc…) but I have no doubt that our family would fit in just fine in the Islands of Aloha. While I haven’t visited Hawaii yet, I have been to my fair share of tropical islands and can’t help but become giddy at the prospect of spending a couple of years in paradise.

sed2013{source – economic dynamics}

Seoul, South Korea. Even more polarizing than Hawaii, South Korea is a culture shock for many. If given the opportunity (fingers-crossed), Clay and I would jump at the chance to experience life on the other side of the world. Either go big or go home, right?

Mount-Rainier-usa-national-parks-32352780-1024-768{source – fanpop}

Seattle, Washington area. The Pacific Northwest is pretty much the only region of the United States we haven’t called home yet. If orders came to us from Seattle, we wouldn’t be disappointed in the least. You can’t beat the views!

Another-View-of-Neuschwanstein-Castle{source – 8 things to do}

Germany. The homeland. As of right now, Germany is pretty much our only chance for an assignment in Europe. The travel opportunities would be endless and it would be a lot of fun to trace our family roots through Germany and Poland.

mystic-seaport-mystic-ct233{source – planetware}

Connecticut. This list ends with another location in the United States. I love New England and can rock the preppy-wear with the best of them. The seafood would be insane and the winters cozy and cold. If we end up in Connecticut, I just may have to learn how to sail. Ahoy!

Where are some places you could end up? Any dream locations?

Or do you long to stay in one place and just travel to new locations?


16 thoughts on “The Curse of the Military

  1. I love to think about our next duty station possibilities! In fact we have about 18 months left here and I’m already researching for the next move even though we have no idea where that will be. We are hoping for a stint in Monterey CA next but we just have to wait and see.

  2. Oh travel… how I wish we’d see more of each other 🙂 I’ll be following your orders with anticipation! If you go to Korea I want lots of pictures. All of ours were lost in a computer crash. I think I might have a total of 10 pictures left. (Incidentally, Korea gets my vote… because when else are you going to go? And you could see Australia, Indonesia, the Great Wall…)

  3. I used to have the itch to leave California the closer we got to 3 years, then I realized I would have to leave my work….and then got panic-ky. Thank goodness for deployments that will run past that Check-Out Date so his Senior JO status will be kept and used to help in the fight against evil (you know, things like rack rot, haha). So for now we’re still Californians for another year-ish.

    But Dream List: Washington (never gonna happen with his aircraft), Montana/Colorado (this is only capable with “detached” tours, Montery (since it looks like Oregon, but who knows if NPS is really anything he needs) and staying put. I could die here. Just after I see another celebrity. 🙂

  4. Although we loved Argentina, it has been such a luxury to be back in the US. This is the first time that I have really felt like I don’t want to move any time soon! I think it has a lot to do with all of the hassles involved with international moves, and that we’re still without furniture almost 4 months after they packed it up! 😦 I’m game for any location, as long as I can have a couple years of stateside American goodness in between!

    I hope you can get to someplace on your list. I have a special place in my heart for Korea! It’s an amazing country with so many fantastic travel opportunities!

  5. There was a brief moment a few years ago where it looked like Hubby might get transferred to Amsterdam or London. I am still sad that didn’t end up happening I was really looking forward to living on another continent. if we ever get the chance again I believe we would hop on it. To live somewhere else that has easy travel to so many other places is my dream, but I always imagine myself ending up in America.

  6. I’m so jealous of all your options! The Marine Corps has so few duty stations, our only chance of going overseas is Japan :/ It’s pretty much Southern CA, HI or NC/SC for us

  7. Well — you know my vote is Germany!! All our friends that had been to Washington State LOVED IT!! One set of friends had been to Hawaii loved it the first two years and felt land locked their last year- but still love pineapples!
    The neat thing is — you start running into people you were with 2 or 3 times before. Coming to Atlanta was really the one place that was lonely. After being on a military post forever and doing everything with military – work and social – here in Atlanta- everyone was so scattered – you are alone unless you had family here. Husband is from Savannah and I’m from Florida – so it didn’t really matter and since you have family here – that’s great!
    But as you said in Germany!! You travel all of Europe. Hope that you will be able to go there!! And make sure ALL your family and friends come visit!! Especially at Christmas with the Christkindle Marts. It’s heaven!!

  8. I’m with you completely! We’re not even military anymore but I’ve still managed to live in three states in the last three years and have been dreaming of where to go next. My hopes for the next three years include DC and Germany – I can’t wait to get to the east coast after living in various western states for the past several years and I’m dying to live in Europe because I know a trip wouldn’t be long enough. Sounds like you’ve got great options for the future 🙂

  9. At the risk of sounding totally lame (I am), this list kind of stresses me out! I guess it is a teeny bit easier when the military helps you move (or not?), but after our move from IL to NC I don’t really want to go anywhere. We moved across town at the end of last year and that was more than enough change for me! I will enjoy living vicariously through your blog though as you continue to move around 🙂

  10. I think it’s the DC area next for us, which I am very much looking forward to.

    Ohio is a possibility (blah) in the future. We would love to finish out Jason’s career in Colorado, as we love the Mountains.

    I lived in the same state for 27 years, so I am surprised I enjoy moving as often as we do. At the 2.5 year mark, I start to get itchy 😉

    A dream location would be to go back to Monterey. It is the most beautiful place. The weather (I hate heat), the ocean, food, wine, and I had a great job. So many perks.

    We have enjoyed Germany, but it obviously has it’s own challenges (no job for me, travel is awesome, but expensive..).

    We have had some amazing experiences, and it’s always fun to think about “where to?” next!

  11. On your list I have lived in 2 of the 6 locations. Actually residing in your last location listed….and although I wasn’t sure last summer what we would think of it (due to the fact we are from FL….so different than New England!)…but the verdict is we LOVE it!!! We also lived in HI….and of course we loved it there too! Schools there were a bit challenging, but we found a way to make it work for us and we all grew from the experience. Wherever you may end up, I am sure you will LOVE it for what it is worth loving for, just from reading your positive outlook above!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Pam @ The Patriotic Pam

  12. I often find myself doing the same thing, especially since we are awaiting our future orders pretty soon now. After looking at your list…I could totally see us in Hawaii after spending 3 + years now in the snow globe I call Germany. At first it was a culture shock. There are ups and downs as with living anywhere else. I have had 3 jobs while we have lived here.. but I wouldn’t trade our travel experiences for the anything in the world! It has been amazing to travel around Europe! I never dreamed as a student I would ever have the opportunity to travel like we have – It has been a wild, crazy, fun adventure! Pack your passport and a snow shovel! 🙂

    We are actually thinking we might get sent to Virgina next…wouldn’t that be funny if we traded places ?? You can email me if you want to know more about Germany, I would be happy to chat –

  13. The PNW is amazing! I am from CA, lived in NE, and spent a year in Korea and by far, Washington state is my favorite place in the world. Where else can you have the beach, mountains, and clean air? Love it, love it, love it here! You can email me if you ever want more info.

  14. After 26+ years of service and 18 moves (14 PCS’s), I am glad to have roots laid into NOVA soil. I had some great assignment locations, but am happy to have a house we own and dont’ have to ask permission to paint. (Or repaint to boring white before leaving.)

  15. We are one of the odd military families who don’t have a huge desire to be stationed overseas…but if we did get orders out of the good ole USA I would like to go to Italy. I’d also like to be stationed in Hawaii, Washington state, Montana or Utah.

  16. Love your list of dream stations! I do the same thing. Once I move somewhere I wonder where we will be next! We’ve been to DC; Monterey, California; and Singapore so far. 🙂


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