A Hard Lesson to Learn

When I tell people that I am heavily involved with the parent advisory board at Weston’s preschool, I am often met with a side-eye. It is as if, “Your son’s preschool seriously has a parent advisory board? Isn’t it just preschool?” is floating in a thought bubble above their heads. And to be fair, I would have been one to side-eye myself this time last year, but since we moved to the Washington DC area at the beginning of the school year, I thought volunteering at the little guy’s school was a great way to jump into our new life (for now) feet first. You know – the whole ‘bloom where are you planted’ shebang.


Don’t worry, I fully realize that my involvement is inching me closer into the lady who lunches category. If I start lusting over a Chanel suit or salivating over a new crab dip recipe, please pull me aside and tell me to, “Snap out of it!” On the other hand, I do enjoy my involvement with Weston’s school and my volunteering did earn Clay and I a prime spot at the Christmas Pageant. Score!


This past weekend, Meredith, Harry, and Alaina came up so Harry could run the Rock n’ Roll Marathon. Unfortunately, I was unable to spend a lot of time with them because I was already committed to working at a consignment sale that I help organize through the little guy’s preschool. However, on Sunday morning, we were able to head down to the mall for a bit before our guests hit the road back to Charlotte, North Carolina.




Which brings me to the hard lesson I learned this weekend. On Saturday night and all day Sunday, I was sick. Too sick. And my sickness was likely brought on by not properly taking care of myself or the baby. Furthermore, I was ignoring my body’s cues to slow down and take a break, instead choosing to push through the tiredness and soreness. It was as if I was trying to prove to an anonymous audience that my pregnancy wasn’t an excuse to do anything different and taking it easy was for the weak. Unfortunately, all of my bad decisions apexed into a so-called crash that took place around 1:00am on Saturday morning. It wasn’t pretty. I am okay now. And so is the little baby girl. But this past weekend was exactly the wake up call that I needed and a good reminder that I can’t do it all, and more importantly, I shouldn’t do it all.


Happy spring! The weather has been a bit confused around these parts. We woke up to snow on Monday morning, had a gorgeous afternoon yesterday, and are experiencing temperatures in the 30’s today and cooler temperatures throughout the weekend. I’ve pulled out my Rainbows, bought sunless tanner/lotion, and some bronzer. I am ready for spring – I am just waiting for it to show up!


2 thoughts on “A Hard Lesson to Learn

  1. Looks like the weather is perfect for some indoor cuddle on the couch down time. I’m glad you and baby girl are ok!
    Sean was in DC this week and couldn’t believe the snow on Monday! I received a text which said “2 flippin’ degrees. Dos!” He wasn’t too bummed to leave last night. 🙂

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