A Four Day Pass

When we found out that Clay had the opportunity to take a four day pass over Easter, we jumped at the chance to leave for a little bit. Not that we dislike the Washington DC area, but the cold temperatures were beginning to wear on our attitudes.


Last week started with a storm that left a couple of inches of snow behind. During our Fort Drum days, an early spring snowstorm would be par for the course, but since we now live in a humid subtropical climate, such occurrences are on the rare side. We briefly considered flying somewhere but after checking flight schedules and last-minute fares, we decided we would be better off driving down to Wilmington, NC to spend the Easter holiday with Clay’s parents.


We’re no strangers to long road trips so the notion of only driving for 6-7 hours for a long weekend trip sounded downright relaxing. We left Thursday night around 7pm and spent the night in a hotel just south of Petersburg, Virginia (not my favorite place…). On Friday morning, we crossed into North Carolina armed with Dunkin Donuts coffee and the desire for warmer temperatures.


Arriving at Clay’s parents around lunch time, we chilled at their house for awhile before heading to Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn for dinner. I’ve blogged about my love for this place before so I will keep my gushing to a minimum this time. Let’s just say that FAB didn’t disappoint this time around and I hope that it never will. The little guy fell asleep in the car on the way so he continued to sleep on my lap in the restaurant, which is good because eating there definitely requires two hands.


On Saturday, Clay and I were able to sneak away for a date night. Between this not-so-fun pregnancy and Clay’s work and school schedule, we haven’t been able to go out alone as much as we’d like so we jumped at the opportunity.


We started off the evening by sitting on Wrightsville Beach, one of our favorite beaches on the east coast, and soaking in the view. While the weather didn’t allow for us to lay out or enjoy the water, we still were able to experience the fresh salty air and the sand between our toes.


We followed up our time on the beach with a walk around downtown and dinner at The Little Dipper, a fantastic fondue place on Front Street. Little did we know, it was recently voted the best place for a first date in town. We had an absolutely delicious dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to eat a slow-paced meal without having to stop conversation in order to tend to a three-year-old. Even though it was our first time dining there, I can’t recommend this place enough, so if you’re ever in Wilmington, NC, you must check out The Little Dipper for date night.


The next morning was Easter Sunday so we had the little guy participate in a small egg hunt before his cousins arrived later in the morning. I am not sure if he full understands the notion of a giant bunny visiting overnight and leaving behind eggs, but let’s be honest – the Easter Bunny is a pretty silly piece of Americana. In fact, when we asked him who came overnight and left the easter eggs, he told us it was his cousin Alaina.


Martha and her crew arrived around lunchtime to spend their spring break week in Wilmington. We were happy they were able to make the trip to Clay’s parents when we were in town. Since we have lived far away from family the majority of our marriage due the Army, it is always nice to take advantage of proximity when we can and for the cousins to spend significant time together.


On Monday, we left late morning to make the drive back north. Due to traffic on I-95, it took us almost 9 hours to get home but like always, we made the best of it. While we have a couple of small trips planned between now and summer, chances are the next time we make it down to Wilmington, we will have a baby girl accompanying us…crazy thought!


2 thoughts on “A Four Day Pass

  1. Ah, I miss the Ocean! It’s always relaxing for me to walk on the beach, even if it’s not warm. I am glad you guys got out of town for a bit.

  2. Loved this post! The pic of you and your hubby in sweatshirts on the beach reminded me of a sweet memory of me and my husband hanging out on the beach (in chilly, windy, but sunny weather) before he deployed. Thanks for the smiles! 🙂

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