Geometric Painting for Nursery

When Clay came home Saturday from a brief TDY, he was met with an assembled crib, refinished dresser/changing table, and a former guest room that now resembles a true nursery. I spent Friday evening painting a canvas that will eventually hang above the crib in some sort of collage.


A couple of months ago, I painted two canvases with simple gray and white stripes. I originally planned to flank each side of our china hutch in the dining room with the canvases but the finished product looked like prison bars so I quickly abandoned ship. The painted canvases sat in a closet until I had an idea of a graphic print painting for the nursery.


I sketched a diamond pattern in pencil over the stripes and went to town painting the diamonds in various shades of purple and pink with acrylic paint. Nothing fancy and certainly not difficult.


I still need to finish the edges (perhaps in patterned washi tape?) and hang the canvas, but I love the punch of color against the neural (existing) paint in the nursery. And certainly looks better than the prison bars. At least I think so.


4 thoughts on “Geometric Painting for Nursery

  1. That’s so very Young House Love of you! I actually love both incarnations–even the prison stripes 😉 Maybe if you ever give the stripes a go again, if you did them on an angle, it wouldn’t be quite so barrish?

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