Life, Lately. And Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins.

IMG_0624One aspect of the military that I have grown to appreciate is the ebb and flow nature of the beast. There are periods of extreme intensity followed by block leave or a {relatively} relaxing assignment that allows footing to be regained and quality family time to commence. Right now, our little family is experiencing a stretch of insanity, in terms of Clay’s military committment. We’re trying our best to soak in the little moments of family time but we find ourselves spending our precious free time battling exhaustion – Clay due to his work responsibilities and graduate program and me being diagnosed with anemia during this pregnancy. Thankfully,  we have penciled in a week of vacation before the little miss is scheduled to arrive – I am hoping that when the time comes, my OB clears me for travel at the end of May. But despite the less than ideal pace and discomfort, I am choosing to remain upbeat and press on with a positive attitude. Because we have our health, we live in an amazing part of the county, and most importantly, we have each other.


And lastly, as I type this post, I am eating dark chocolate raisins {never mind the fact that it isn’t even 9:30am}. Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world that truly appreciates a good dehydrated grape covered in chocolate. When at Trader Joe’s yesterday, my pregnant self was unable to resist the temptation of the delicious morsels – I am justifying the purchase by assuring myself that the antioxidants in the dark chocolate are like superfood for the baby. Don’t you just love the power of a positive attitude?


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