Girls’ Weekend in DC

This past weekend, the group of four girls that I became incredibly close with during our Fort Drum days flew into Washington DC for the weekend. We’ve seen each other at some of our worst times and and some of our best. We’ve been averaging a get-together every 18 months or so since parting our separate ways the fall of 2007. Some of our husbands are still in the Army and some of them have moved on to other ventures but our bond remains as strong as it was during the hellish deployment we experienced together on the home front.


Because my friends are awesome, they suggested bringing the girls’ weekend to me because being 30-weeks pregnant isn’t exactly the best recipe for air travel. It is never easy to coordinate schedules but the five of us never seem to have too much trouble squeezing in some quality time together. Miraculously, our husbands were all home (and stateside!) to watch the little ones (7 years later, we now have 9 children and one in-utero between us) and we were able to get 40 hours of uninterrupted girl-time. My sweet husband took Weston up to my sister’s in Pennsylvania so we had the house to ourselves for the weekend.


After picking up everyone at the airport and freshening up at the house, we ventured into Old Town Alexandria on Friday evening. We ate dinner at Columbia Firehouse and enjoyed catching up over glasses of wine and root beer. Side note – Boylan Root Beer just might be the best root beer I have ever tasted. Try it. Now!


On Saturday morning, we grabbed some coffee and bagels before taking the metro into Washington DC to play tourists for the day. We must have walked at least 6 miles – the weather couldn’t have been more perfect!


The obligatory group picture in front of The White House.


And the Capitol (minus one).


Later in the afternoon, a walk over the Key Bridge took us to Georgetown. We decided that cupcakes were necessary and since I am never one to turn down a Georgetown Cupcake Lavender Earl Grey Tea cupcake, I happily obliged. After cupcakes and a long-walk to the Farragut metro station, we agreed that take-out and gabbing in our pajamas was on the menu for that night.


Sunday was May 5th. Before everyone left to catch their afternoon flights out of Reagan National, we ate breakfast at a diner and headed to Arlington National Cemetery. We were able to watch the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and visit the grave of a man who is forever woven into the story of our friendship. Sunday marked the 7th anniversary of the helicopter crash, arguably the identifying event that solidified our bond. Standing around the headstone engraved  Joseph James Fenty  Jr. with the girls was an experience that I’ll never forget.

602572_10200689523777240_1354078864_n 4.56.36 PM

World War II Memorial



6 thoughts on “Girls’ Weekend in DC

  1. So we officially met yesterday supervising the afternoon playgroup…but I’ve read your blog before! We have a mutual friend – Jen Bales! Love this ever-shrinking military community! Beautiful writing…thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I will never forget standing there with you guys. I wouldn’t have wanted to experience it with anybody else! Love you girls!

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