I’m Currently…


I am currently eating everything in sight. Not really. Okay, maybe a little bit. True confession – yesterday afternoon I ate a drumstick ice cream cone at home only to have my amazing husband fetch some pistachio frozen yogurt later in the evening. A tad ridiculous, right? As of right now, I am craving pistachios, wasabi peas, celery with peanut butter, and kettle chips (preferably jalapeño flavor). I am afraid that I have reached that point in pregnancy where I just don’t give a damn about the ill effects of eating such food and I am more focused on satiating the craving. If I keep this up, I am in a world of hurt when it comes time to lose the extra poundage.


I am currently listening the podcast version of Michael Smerconish’s satellite radio show. I’ve been listening to Michael Smerconish for quite some time and he just recently left terrestrial radio. Since paying for satellite radio sounds about as much fun as stabbing a fork in my eye, I am limited to getting my fix (a day late) via (probably illegally recorded) podcast.


I am currently watching too much television, or at least that is what it feels like. Sadly, my favorite sitcom on the air, Parks & Recreation, had it’s season finale two weeks ago so I’ll have to rely on Netflix to get my Ron Swanson fix during the summer. Clay and I just finished watching the season finale of The Americans, an FX show about KGB operatives in the US during the 1980s. If you haven’t already, check it out. Seriously. It is by far the best new show of the season and it ranks up there with the first season of Homeland as far as kick-ass storyline, acting, and suspense. And finally, we just started House of Cards last night. We’re only one episode in but so far we enjoying the sinister take on DC politics.

I am currently looking forward to having this baby (when she is good and ready, of course) and no longer carrying a bowling bowl around with me. I am also looking forward to the next couple of weeks. This weekend, Clay’s parents are visiting and we will be attending a nice adult-only meal out with a bunch of our neighbors while the grandparents watch the little guy. Also, we have a week-long vacation planned to my parents over Memorial Day so I foresee a lot of pool lounging, boating, and virgin drinks in my future.


I am currently reading nothing of substance <hangs head in shame>. I haven’t read an adult book in at least a month…isn’t that horrible? But to be fair, I have spent hours upon hours reading books to a certain little boy…that has to count for something, right?

I am currently window shopping for regular clothes that are in the size I was before I got pregnant. I despise maternity clothes and hope to see regular clothes someday soon. On a related note, I am planning on belly binding once I deliver. Those of you with experience, is there a particular product you recommend or does an ACE bandage get the job done without the hefty price tag?


4 thoughts on “I’m Currently…

  1. I used the Belly Bandit after Connor. I will say that I bounced back VERY quickly after him; especially considering it was my second baby in 16 months and he was almost 10 pounds. That being said, I found it extremely uncomfortable, especially when sitting. I didn’t do it for nearly as long or as frequent as they recommend. I ended up giving it to a friend and I don’t really plan on doing it again in the future. I do love Bravado tanks that have the extra abdominal support built in. They aren’t for binding by any means, but the extra thick spandex cotton really does feel good and gives you support.

  2. I used the support band sold at Motherhood Maternity. I actually got them on sale (a size Medium to wear initially before I transitioned to the Small a week later — that’s how fast it worked) for around $14 a piece. They usually sell for around $25 I think. I highly recommend these over an Ace bandage. The material is a lot thicker and will hold things in better if that makes sense. Plus, the velcro action helps the band stay in place (no riding up or folding down). I am currently 5 wks postpartum and already back to the small normal pooch of my pre pregnancy days.

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