A $21 {and some change} Rag Rug

I made a rug this morning!

Well, sort of.

You see, while on one of my many pilgrimages to Target, I came across a stack of rag rugs on clearance for $7.39 a piece (originally $19.99). The color palette was exactly what I had in mind for a rug for the nursery – a mix of red, pink, green, lavender, and white. It was so serendipitous that I put all three rugs in my cart and made a beeline for the register to make sure that they weren’t mis-marked. Much to my delight, they weren’t!


Having three separate accent rugs isn’t exactly the most effective design solution to hardwood floors in a nursery but the situation was nothing that a little string and a needlepoint needle couldn’t fix. I just used what I had on hand in my craft/sewing stash because I wanted to finally finish the project (the rugs had been in the room for almost a month!) this morning.


I simply tied off a knot and began stitching two of the rugs together.


Seriously, it couldn’t have been easier.


Once I had two of the rugs stitched together, I realized that I liked the look of having a separate {smaller} rug near the crib and the larger rug in the center of the room. I had originally planned to stitch all three rugs together but I’m going to live with this arrangement for a little to determine if one large rug would better serve the room.


I still have a lot of small projects going on in the nursery but it is beginning to finally come together.

So just a warning – expect more nursery-related posts in the near future.


Eek…I can’t wait to showcase the finished nursery!


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