A Bright & Cheerful Nursery

It’s finished! I think. I suppose the nursery is about as finished as it can be before the baby’s arrival. As with most spaces, it will likely evolve as we learn what life is like with a new baby in the house. Because we rent, we were a little limited when it came to some design choices, but I like to think that we made the best use of the space without spending a lot of money.


Our townhouse only has three bedrooms so we lost a true guest room when the space turned into a nursery. Our basement now boasts the guest bed and pretty much serves as a guest suite (pictures soon on that project!). We decided that putting our futon in the nursery would give us a place to relax with the baby and give us another place to accommodate guests. In fact, we’re currently hosting Martha and her crew for the week and Madison gives the futon two thumbs up.





Weston loves to lay down on the futon with his stuffed animals…he tells us all that is missing is his little sister.

Soon little boy, soon.


New Attitude

One of my favorite cassette tapes as a child was the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop. I am still able to recite “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters word-for-word and I freely admit my love for “The Heat is On” by Glenn Fry (the saxophone is totally under-utilized in music today, don’t you think?). And let’s not forget the greatness known as Harold Faltermeyer and his contribution of “Axel F” to humanity (Mr. Faltermeyer also wrote the theme to Top Gun so the man is practically a musical genius in my mind). And finally, also included on the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack is “New Attitude” by Patti LaBelle.

Truth be told, it is one of my least favorite songs on the album but it fits the topic of this post so I am just going to fly with it. Since the onset of my pregnancy, this blog has taken a bit of a backseat. Those of you not reading this post in your favorite RSS reader probably noticed the new streamlined layout. As time crawls toward my due date, I find myself ripe with motivation and determined to hit the ground running as I learn how to balance life with another child thrown into the mix.


Apparently there is argument within the medical community as to whether 37 weeks is considered full-term or not. Baby girl could possibly arrive at any moment but there is also a possibility that I could be pregnant for at least a month longer. Of course I want what is best for her and realize that she will come when she is ready, but I fully admit to having tears at the thought of being overdue. I never reached my due date with Weston so I don’t know what life is like while 40 weeks pregnant. From what I have heard, not a lot of fun!

It looks like I will end up gaining around 40 pounds this time around – it just must not be in my genes to be blessed with a 25-pound or less pregnancy. The thing I miss more than wine and alcohol is my  pre-pregnancy body. I don’t feel strong while pregnant. I don’t feel beautiful while pregnant. And most ironically, I don’t feel ‘full of life’ while pregnant. For the past nine moths, I’ve felt drained, sluggish, and not my regular self…the Diet Coke of Karen, if you will. But it is all worth it in the end. The end definitely justifies the means and I can’t wait to meet her! But I am also looking forward to having myself back too.

As far as this blog, I plan to chronicle my weight loss and fitness goals, our little life as a new family of four, and toss a couple of thoughts or two about military life. I am excited for the big changes that scheduled for our family…stay tuned!

Father’s Day 2013


I realize that I am extremely lucky. I am married to a man who is an amazing father, role model, and would travel to the moon and back for his family. I also have a father who never failed to provide his children with a comfortable and stable environment throughout our childhood and into adulthood.