I’m Hot. Like, Really Hot.

It has officially started. The onset of the “must be any day now” comments from strangers, which is exactly what a woman only in her 8th month of pregnancy wants to hear. This means that either my stomach is ridiculous huge or I am going about my days with my bitch face in full-force. Upon looking at myself in the mirror, I am banking on the latter. A glowing pregnant woman, I am not. In fact, I appear to be wearing miserable quite well – sign me up for a Calvin Klein fashion show!


We returned from our week-long vacation to Georgia (the one with Atlanta, not Tbilisi) on Saturday to a sweltering house. It turns out that our air conditioning system (that was just replaced two weeks prior) ceased to function during our trip. Even my clothes couldn’t withstand the Washington DC heatwave – later in the evening, I discovered that the shelving in my closet collapsed. Thankfully, we have a basement that is comparatively cool to the rest of the house so we’ve been camping out down there at night. Honestly, it could be a lot worse. But make no mistake, I will be doing the happy dance when the system is fixed.


Our trip to Georgia was a nice little break in the preparation for Operation Family of Four. We spent the first night in Charlotte with Meredith, Harry, and Alaina (they joined us for the first part of our trip), and then all of us left the next morning for my parents house. First order of business was spending the afternoon in the pool while we waited for everyone else to arrive. All of my siblings and their families were able to meet up at my parents for the weekend, which was the first time we were all together since Thanksgiving.


Don’t worry, plenty of beverages and smores were consumed – I had my fair share of mocktails.


 I was able to watch everybody waterski (or attempt to). Needless to say, I was extremely jealous that others were able to partake in water sports while I was delegated to the sidelines. I did take a wave-runner out one afternoon but limited myself to 25mph <— not a lot of fun…haha.


In addition to the ski boat, we took out my parent’s new boat, a still-unnamed TriToon. My brother jokingly asked them if they received a box of Depends when they picked up the boat but we all agreed that it was nice having a large boat that everybody could ride on comfortably.


After Memorial Day, Meredith, Harry, and Alaina went back home and Megan and Mike went to Mexico for their 5th anniversary, leaving behind Mikey with my parents. So Clay and I got to have a little taste of what life will be like with two little ones under our care…I fully admit that there were a couple of times that I wish we could have switched places with Megan and Mike!


For those wondering – yes, Lucy thoroughly enjoyed herself.


As our time in Georgia winded down, the reality of how our lives are about to change began to hit us. Hard. While we’re beyond excited for the arrival of little miss, we’re also a little uneasy about how the dynamic of our little family of three will change. I know these fears are well within the realm of normal and millions upon millions of families add another child into the mix. I like to think that as long as we continue to demonstrate grace, humility, and approach parenthood with a sense of humor, we will be okay.

p.s. I am pretty sure that the lack of air conditioning and pregnancy are killing my brain cells at an alarmingly fast rate.


One thought on “I’m Hot. Like, Really Hot.

  1. what a great piece, Karen. Thanks for sharing pictures of your time in Ga. Glad you were able to spend time with your sibs(so very important, and as your families take up more time, these visits will mean even more.

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