The Space House

He first spotted the box on our front steps as we walked back home from the community pool. The UPS man had dropped it off sometime during the late afternoon hours. I explained to Weston that inside was an infant car seat carrier for his little sister but he couldn’t give two sporks about what the box contained – he was focused on the box itself.

Wow…Mommy, look! A box! I can have the box, Mommy?

It was infectious – all that excitement over a simple, wonderful, full-of-opportunities cardboard box.


Dinner, cupcake-making, and the bedtime routine prevented the little guy from getting his little hands on the box last night. But true to our word, Clay and I made sure that the box was ready for a three-year-old’s imagination this morning. Milk in hand, he ran to grab his crayons and a stack of self-sticking foam paper as soon as he saw the box ready for his taking.

I’m making a space house,” he proudly told us while applying the sheets of foam paper.


Now, I am not quite sure what a space house is…


But whatever it is, Weston insisted on eating his grilled cheese sandwich inside, so it must be pretty awesome. And if I weren’t as big as a house myself, you bet I would’ve joined him inside. Because how often is one able to eat lunch inside a space house?


3 thoughts on “The Space House

  1. ahhh….little imaginations at play! too cute! I used to set up my clubhouse under the kitchen table when I was little. I love the brand Maxi Cosi. We have the Mico (currently being used in Dh’s truck- my daughter can still fit into it at 13 months old) and the Pria for my vehicle.

    1. We had a Mico for Weston but it sat in an extremely hot attic for two Oklahoma summers and was made in July 2008. Since car seats expire after 5 years and plastic can lose it’s effectiveness in extreme temperatures, we decided to be safe and just buy a new one. My only complaint about the newer model is the sun shade is pretty short!

  2. So sweet! Jason is always getting car parts so we have lots of boxes. I made a tunnel that Nolan could crawl through and the other one became a ramp for small cars. Both helped us survive the long winter and rainy spring.

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