A Damn Good Plan

Like most first-time parents, we knew our lives would change once children entered the picture. Having spent four years together in college and with five years of marriage under our belts before jumping on the baby train, we were quite comfortable existing within our DINK (double income, no kids) classification,complete with a dog and a cat. But then like many, the desire to add to our family overwhelmed our warm and cozy lifestyle as a twosome and we decided to see what this whole raising a child business is all about.

Sure – there were a couple of hiccups along the way, but once Weston arrived and we passed the initial (and fleeting) “What the hell have we done…we’re seriously responsible for another human being?” stage, we learned just how much being a family of three could be. Some minor adjustments were made to our DINK lifestyle (like me gaining a new acronym – SAHM), but for the most part we still travel, eat at restaurants (albeit more family-friendly), and build a life together.


Last night we decided to brave the downpour (it’s been rain, rain, rain here in NOVA {<— look, another acronym!} for the last couple of days) and go out to dinner with the little guy. And we couldn’t have seriously planned to have a better time. I know it was just a simple steak dinner at a chain restaurant but there was something about dining together with a perfectly behaved three-year-old (this is not always the case :)), discussing trucks, coloring fish, and making silly jokes that added up to a ridiculously good time. And as we prepare to add another little one to the family soon, I can only hope that we will continue to have our Friday night dinners out as a family of four.


By the above picture, you wouldn’t necessarily guess that Clay has missed a significant amount of time in Weston’s life due to deployment and frequent TDYs. Thankfully we’re in a stretch of time that has Clay home much more than he is away but as is the case with the military, it won’t be like this always. The decision to have children while associated with the military is a personal choice with no right or wrong answer. For some, the better choice is to wait to have children until one’s military commitment is up. And for others, the opposite is true. Weston was born during a time when the US was fighting a two-front war at full-force. While the world political climate is nowhere near stable, our little girl will be born during a time when phrases like “troop drawdown” and “force reduction” are tossed about with flippancy. Only time will tell what our family of four will experience. But for now, we’re just going to enjoy the hell out of the time we have together. Sounds like a damn good plan to me.


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