9 Months Later – The Living Room

We moved into our townhouse on September 11th, which means we have lived here for 9 months. Interesting fact – that is over a month longer than we lived in the house we bought in Oklahoma. Oh the joys of surprise PCS orders! In honor of calling this place home for 3/4 of a year, I thought I would showcase the living room as it looked the week we moved in verses how it looks now.


That green couch took quite the beating this past move so we knew that we would eventually replace it but wanted to take our time. The chairs and coffee table are from IKEA and the TV console was an Oklahoma Goodwill purchase that I re-finished. Interestingly enough, it has since been re-finished again and now serves as the changing table in the nursery. That means it has served as a buffet (Oklahoma house), a TV console, and a changing table…quite a versatile piece of furniture!


One Saturday morning back in February, I told Clay that I wanted to pop into JC Penny for some towels. Two hours later, we emerged with an arm chair, a side table, an ottoman, a couch, an area rug, three lamps, and lighter pockets. We stumbled into their furniture clearance sale and got amazing deals on all the pieces, which were all floor models from various collections. The only downfall was that furniture delivery was not an option, but that was nothing that an afternoon UHAUL rental couldn’t resolve.


Clay found the TV cabinet on clearance at Target and the ottoman tray was purchased at a Pottery Barn outlet when we were visiting my parents in Georgia last month. The white basket holds receiving blankets and burp clothes, and the gallery wall is filled with pictures of our families.


I love the natural light!


One thought on “9 Months Later – The Living Room

  1. I love your decorative savvy-ness! I wanted to do our picture wall on the same wall that our t.v. was on, but my husband thought that it would be too busy. I don’t think yours looks that way at all. And holy-wall of window, that is a gorgeous (and tall) window. Love the space.

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