A Bright & Cheerful Nursery

It’s finished! I think. I suppose the nursery is about as finished as it can be before the baby’s arrival. As with most spaces, it will likely evolve as we learn what life is like with a new baby in the house. Because we rent, we were a little limited when it came to some design choices, but I like to think that we made the best use of the space without spending a lot of money.


Our townhouse only has three bedrooms so we lost a true guest room when the space turned into a nursery. Our basement now boasts the guest bed and pretty much serves as a guest suite (pictures soon on that project!). We decided that putting our futon in the nursery would give us a place to relax with the baby and give us another place to accommodate guests. In fact, we’re currently hosting Martha and her crew for the week and Madison gives the futon two thumbs up.





Weston loves to lay down on the futon with his stuffed animals…he tells us all that is missing is his little sister.

Soon little boy, soon.


10 thoughts on “A Bright & Cheerful Nursery

  1. Love, love, love the painted dresser/changing table. And you’ve mixed prints beautifully! “All that’s missing is a little sister,” indeed.

  2. It looks great! I love the futon idea. I would have totally slept there between feeds when my little man was doing the up every two hours business.

    I am interested in the curtain – did you use a tension rod? It doesn’t looked drilled into the wall.

    1. There are brackets holding it up but it spans the length of the wall. The window isn’t centered on the wall so we decided to have panels of fabric flank each side to give that side some balance.

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