The First Few Days

Greetings from an extremely sleep-deprived household. When Clay and I went to bed on Friday night, we had no idea we’d be waking up a mere couple hours later to begin our new adventure as a family of four. We arrived home from the hospital Sunday afternoon and have been adjusting to life with Violet ever since.


My mother brought Weston to the hospital on Saturday around lunch time. Baby Violet (as the little guy calls her) was about 10 hours old when she finally met her big brother. His smile says it all.


Clay’s parents fought traffic and weather up the eastern seaboard and finally arrived at the hospital around dinner time on Saturday. My mom and Weston showed up again shortly after for another brief visit. The little guy throughly enjoyed seeing both of his grandmas at the same place. He did ask where my dad was and we explained that he was returning from a business trip to Japan. Which is sort of funny because my dad was in China on business when Weston was born!


We arrived home from the hospital to celebratory drinks and a delicious steak & shrimp dinner, complete with oven-baked potatoes. Sadly, the hospital food left much to be desired so I devoured the meal that was obviously cooked with love…between breastfeeding and the experience of giving birth, I was absolutely ravenous.DSC_0090

We know it is still early, but so far, Weston is beyond tickled with his little sister. He is proving himself to be a big helper and couldn’t be more gentle when giving her sweet head kisses and counting her toes. I am trying my best to reassure him that he is just as special as he was before Violet arrived, but he doesn’t appear to be exhibiting any jealously toward the attention Clay and I have been giving to Violet. I am sure we will have enough of those moments in the years to come.

photoHer first trip to Target…an important milestone!

DSC_0106Here she is – Just over three days old this morning.

And what a whirlwind three days it has been!

In the best way possible, of course.


4 thoughts on “The First Few Days

  1. You might not end up with jealousy. My little guy never has shown jealousy towards his sister and it’s been 18 months. He needs and wants attention from me but it never comes at her expense. He loves her dearly and is always understanding that sometimes the baby needs me more. I just keep him involved if she’s being over-needy.

  2. Congratulations!! She is gorgeous! So glad he’s adjusting well to his new sister. Sam showed no interest at all for the first few months. Needless to say, we have no cute pictures of him holding his new baby sister. 😉

  3. Heidi never had any jealousy sharing her parents with Maureen when she came along but sharing the grandparents was a whole other story! She is so cute!
    Aunt Sue

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