Finding Our New Normal


Clay went back to work this morning so today marks the official beginning of our new normal. While I loved (loved!) having Clay home, I am excited to get into a routine and find my groove as a stay-at-home mom to two kids. I plan on returning to work within the next couple of years (I do miss my professional-self very much) so I hope to savor this time at home and not dream about the grass being greener on the other side. And because Violet is still very much in the sleepy newborn stage so I am using this time to set up systems that will hopefully make my days run smoother than a cat on the prowl. After all, I’m trying my hardest not to look like a hot mess this time around.


Speaking of which – it is amazing how much more relaxed I am about life with a newborn again. I was an emotional wreck during the first couple of months of Weston’s life. We endured breastfeeding struggles, dealt with Clay deploying, and I allowed my insecurities to overwhelm me at times. With Violet, I have confidence, a co-parent, and a fantastic helper in the form of an almost four-year-old. The fact that I can have a glass of wine with my husband at the end of a long day is enough to put the extra pep in my step and get the “I can do this!” attitude pumping through my veins.


This past weekend, my dad, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew came to visit. My mom was still in town so my dad flew up to see Violet and to accompany my mom with the drive back down to Georgia. My dad recently celebrated his 55th birthday and my sister turned 29 at the end of June so we threw a little party to celebrate the birthdays and the arrival of Violet. Any excuse for good beer and cake, right?


And finally, I am itching to get back into a workout routine. I have no plans to do anything too soon (I made the mistake of Googling ‘uterine prolapse’ one night…don’t do it!) but I am anxious to get back to my pre-baby weight and start a new training regiment. I am considering documenting my weight-loss on the blog but the jury is still out whether it will be helpful for others or just annoying to read. I am always inspired by the fitness achievements of others but still unsure whether I want to ‘put it all out there’ so to speak. We’ll see!


2 thoughts on “Finding Our New Normal

  1. If you want a workout buddy, let me know!! I am ready to get moved in and get a routine going again.

    And of course, we can’t wait to meet Violet! 🙂

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