The Brightest Rainbow of All

Last June, I blogged about the art of losing a baby. It was our first time experiencing a miscarriage so close to the ‘safe zone’ (start of the second trimester). We’re just one of many upon many who have stared at the non-beating heart of their baby during an ultrasound – it just happened to be our turn last June. When a pregnancy is lost, the hopes, dreams, and imagined scenarios for that child abruptly stop. For some, it may seem silly to love something that grew no bigger than a fig. But for others, they completely understand.


I didn’t know what a rainbow baby was prior to my pregnancy with Violet. But I soon embraced the concept. After all, a rainbow baby is one following a miscarriage because a rainbow often brightens the sky after a storm. Violet is our rainbow baby – the brightest and most beautiful rainbow that could have ever entered our lives. And while it wasn’t the reason we named her Violet, it seems only fitting that her namesake is a color found in a rainbow.


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