The School Supplies are Giving Me Wanderlust

Exactly one year from today, we were preparing our house for the rental market by finishing up last minute renovations, organizing the ‘do not pack’ pile before the movers arrived, and saying our goodbye to Oklahoma. It’s been said before and I’ll type it again – my oh my, how things can change in 365 days. Which only makes me wonder – what will the next year bring?

I’ve always been a restless gal, which has been a double-edged sword. So while I am focused on the future and very pragmatic when it comes to long-term plans, I have the tendency to forget to live in the moment. We’re almost 99.9% positive that Violet will be our last child. While I am choosing to stay home right now, I have plans to return to work in a couple of years. Why? I simply miss it too much not too. And the extra cas$h money wouldn’t hurt either.

Right now, our conversations about me going back to work are centered around whether I should go to school during this couple-year stretch to make myself more marketable when the time comes for me to put on a power suit and dazzle interviewers with my wit and sparkling personality. My undergraduate and graduate degrees have served me well in the past and my eclectic resume certainly has provided me a wide-range of ‘real world’ experience. But now I am wondering if I need to go in a different direction so I can eventually have the ever-elusive family-friendly and military-friendly career.


It is overwhelming and exciting all at the same time – should I start over completely? Should I just get some extra certification in my field? Is my childhood dream of being the first female Phoenix Suns player finally over? Only time will tell. Let’s see what the next 365 days will bring, shall we?


2 thoughts on “The School Supplies are Giving Me Wanderlust

  1. I’m in the same boat, although Adam will be getting out of the Army in January so we’ll be able to be more settled. I’m hoping to stay home for a few years and then go back to wok in the museum field. But sometimes I wonder if I should find a more family friendly career? Although I have no idea what that would be…..

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