Typing is Keeping Me Awake

I am flying solo. This means BRAVO has been watched uninterrupted the past couple of evenings and dinner for myself has consisted of whatever I can prepare and eat with one hand. My attitude has ranged from, “Psssft. I’ve got this. Holla!” to “Oh my gosh! Clay can’t return fast enough. I can’t do this. Is that chocolate on the carpet. Please let it be chocolate. Phew, it’s chocolate.” And I know that I am starved for non-mommy-related activities because my greatest sense of accomplishment over the past couple of days was unloading the dishwasher while simultaneously nursing Violet. My former self weeps for me.

Last night was rough – I think I managed about three hours of sleep. Needless to say, I am exhausted. Thank goodness for coffee. So in honor of caffeine, it being Wednesday, and sleep-deprived people everywhere – here are a handful of some coffee-related meme’s that made me chuckle…


Aren’t caffeine-related headaches THE WORST?


Heck yeah I deserve wine..especially after my 9 month sabbatical.


The summer of 2003, I had a blood vessel burst in my eye because of too much caffeine. I walked around with a red eye for a week and continued to serve drinks at the coffee shop I worked at during high school and college summers. True story.


This made me think of my friend, Fran.

Bitch, please.


3 thoughts on “Typing is Keeping Me Awake

  1. Ha! I love that last one. Why do they even make decaf?!? I remember in those early days with a newborn, my greatest accomplishment was brushing my teeth…before noon. Who am i kidding, sometimes it still is…lol. I’m sure you are doing a great job as a mom of two!

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