How I Conquered the Commissary

We live within 3 minutes of a Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. I realize that I am spoiled and will likely never be this close to yuppie-paradise again with future assignments. During the past three weeks, I’ve made multiple quick trips to both stores with Weston and Violet and we survived beautifully. But today called for a different beast all together – a trip to the commissary <cue dun dun duuuuun music>.


As far as commissaries go, the one of Fort Belvoir isn’t too bad. It’s old but it gets the job done. I’ve heard good things about the Fort Myer commissary but I have yet to set foot inside. Truth be told, Fort Myer intimidates me due to number of high brass associated with the place. Β And to round out the DC area, the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) commissary is the stuff made of nightmares. The entire store smells like a damp

My first plan of attack involved leaving the house at 9:00 am. Like early-morning baked donuts, the commissary becomes less and less desirable as the day goes on. I made the clutch decision to park in a remote area of the parking lot. Not only could I give my untoned thighs the opportunity for a few more steps, but it allowed me to focus on removing two children from the car without having to worry about banging a door into an Audi or a BMW (e.g. cars worth twice as much as mine).


The next step was assembling my Angel Pack carrier and placing Violet inside. In my opinion, babywearing is an absolute necessity while doing major grocery shopping. A stroller simply isn’t appropriate for move or die attitude that patrons take on upon entering the commissary. And taking up valuable cart space with an infant carseat carrier is an amateur 2.00.41 PM

The stars were aligned this morning – we were able to score a red rocket ship cart without resorting to elbowing other mom/son pairs out of the way. Being able to use a grocery cart without making a young child cry is always a good thing.


All in all, it was an extremely successful inaugural two-children commissary trip. A bagger even offered to unload my cart because she was worried about me bending over while wearing Violet. I credit my success to shopping soon after opening, wearing Violet, the rocket ship cart, and actually using a grocery list (I forget it at home 75% of the time).


In fact, the trip was so successful that I even went to the new PX afterwards. And the new Starbucks. Watch out! I am on fire.


11 thoughts on “How I Conquered the Commissary

  1. Haha, I love your video clips! At least is wasn’t payday!! We thought the Ft Myer Commissary was smallish and never had good fruits or veggies. And I always thought it was fun to see Gen, Petreus and Gen. Casey out and about on Post!

  2. I used to wear G to the commissary as well, and someone was almost always sweet enough to unload my cart. No one gets it quite like another mom. Congrats on a successful outing!

  3. Go on with your bad self! Do you know Kate (from Daffodils, the blog)? She just moved to DC too and is due any day now with her 3rd! She is the sweetest and has all boys. πŸ™‚ I think y’all would get along famously!

    1. πŸ™‚ I can’t be showing all aspects of my life online. Ha. So far, so good with two carseats. Weston is forward-facing in a Marathon and Violet has a Maxi Cosi Mico infant carseat. I have plenty of room as the driver and as the passenger (I am 5’7”), which was a top priority.

  4. I hear ya! The commissary is always coocoo town. I’ve narrowed down the best time to go to the Fort Campbell commissary as between 10-11 on Wednesday or 1:30-3 on Monday. I know this from many trials and tribulations. πŸ˜‰

  5. I go to the Ft. Belvoir commissary a lot, like once a week. (I have three kids and two are teenagers…) I find that the patrons there are pretty rude as a whole. But Hawaii was much, much worse. I like this commissary, they don’t seem to run out of things even on paydays (ugh) and it’s close to where i live. But I do love me some Trader Joe’s! πŸ™‚

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