A Craving for Crab

When it comes to most things recreational, Clay and I are more ‘fly by the seat of our pants’ than detail-oriented planners. For example, in the past we’ve flown to locations without hotel reservations, preferring to let the days of our vacations unfold as they may. Once children came into the picture, we’ve adjusted our ways a bit but sometimes we still like to be reminded of our spontaneous nature. So when we woke up this morning with the itch for a day trip, I suggested Annapolis, Maryland. We hopped in the car and headed east to the home of the United States Naval Academy (go Army!) without any plans other than to eat blue crab at some point during the day.
photoThe day didn’t disappoint. It was filled with a salty breeze, clam strips, crab dip, Maryland blue crab, beer, a leisurely walk, a boat ride, ice cream, and time as a family. We ate at Buddy’s, which isn’t the best restaurant in town, but extremely kid-friendly (thanks Jill!) and the crab hit the spot. And I can’t really complain about that now, can I? All in all, it was a great little spontaneous jaunt that would have made us proud in our child-free days.


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