Proverbs 31:35 {One Month}

Violet is one month old today. She entered this world fast and determined just 31 days ago and our lives have never felt so complete. Sure, there have been moments of feeling overwhelmed, as tends to happen during life with a newborn, but they’ve been fleeting. When Clay and I find ourselves each holding a cranky child in the evenings, we share a warm glance and silently remind each other that the good far outweighs the bad. And the chaos is nothing that a cocktail won’t alleviate after the little ones go down for the night.


When she sleeps with an aura of innocence serving as a bubble of protection, I usually think of Provers 31:35 ~

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

Our little girl. She’s feisty and calm, sweet and determined, and absolutely perfect in her own special way.  She currently has baby acne that I wouldn’t dare Photoshop away and her squeaks are just about the cutest sounds you’ll hear. She loves to cuddle and burrow in the nook of an arm. And just like her brother, she has an angel kiss on her forehead and another on her left eyelid.


Happy One Month, Baby Violet!



4 thoughts on “Proverbs 31:35 {One Month}

  1. She is precious! I just love her little chunky thighs. I kept waiting for my little one to fill out when she was a newbie. No such luck. Even now at almost 16 months she’s got bean poles for legs.

  2. Oh my God she is so beautiful!! I love that you wrote out everything she likes/dislikes and what all she does this month. Such a good mommy/ blogger! Both my children get irate in an idling car too. (Although they are a bit older than one month. Not sure what this says about them.) Sometimes Molly loses it over a lengthy red light and Sam is all, “shonshine, nooooo!!!” because it is coming through his window and how dare the sun DO that?!

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