No Cheesesteaks This Time

The switch has flipped.  Gone are the dreamy newborn honeymoon days when Violet divided her time between nursing and sleeping. At almost six weeks, she is now more alert and spending more and more time awake. And she is much more fussy. This means that the past couple of days, I have divided my time between nursing the little nugget and holding her while trying to complete whatever tasks I can one-handed while keeping an eye on the little guy. I am really trying my hardest to take on my new role as a mother-of-two effortlessly, but I am afraid that I just as awkward as ever – no big surprise there. Despite the ridiculous lack of sleep, I am in good spirits. Why? Because I had Philly pretzels this past weekend.


On Friday night, we left on our first mini-road trip as a family of four to Pennsylvania. We employed the new configuration for our family roadster we bought earlier this year with Lucy all the way in the back. She was a bit miffed at first but she adapted.


Our reason for the trip was to attend Mikey’s 3rd birthday weekend extravaganza. This time last year, we had just moved to the Washington DC area and Weston and I traveled north to attend Mikey’s 2nd birthday party while Clay stayed behind to do the Army thing. Looking back, a lot has changed since then!


Megan and Mike had Mikey open his big gift – a Power Wheels Jeep – on Saturday morning, before the majority of the guests arrived. Weston was extremely impressed with his aunt and uncle’s gift-giving skills.


Scott and Kelly made the 12-hour drive for the weekend, arriving at 1:30am on Saturday morning. In order to get back for work on Monday, they left super early on Sunday morning. Basically, they reminded us of the crazy things you can do before children enter the picture – like 24-hour road trips in a 48-hour period!


It was their first time meeting Violet so they got in plenty of snuggles.


Don’t worry, I still managed to steal some time with her too.


As is the case with most three-year-olds, Weston struggled a bit while Mikey opened a mountain of presents. While Weston understood that all of the new toys were Mikey’s, he was extremely jealous that Mikey got to actually open the gifts. However, Mikey was willing to let Weston help. And there were a couple of gifts for Weston to open, so he didn’t leave empty-handed.


Both boys thoroughly enjoyed the piñata.


And it was wonderful to see Mike’s family again.


All in all, I’d call our first road trip a success. It took a little longer than usual in order to accommodate Violet’s on-demand feeding but we arrived back home looking forward to our next adventure.


We’re still getting a handle on this whole parent-of-two thing but I think we’re doing an okay job. The house may be slightly less-clean, the meals a little less complex, and my roots ridiculously scary – but our home is full of love, clean clothes, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.


4 thoughts on “No Cheesesteaks This Time

  1. Have you tried a ring sling or some type of wrap? It may make those times where Violet wants to be held, but Weston needs attention, a little easier. I have no experience with two but I know that my ring sling was a lifesaver in the beginning! PS – liked the pic of the new configuration; when my car hated me I was researching vehicles all hours of the night bc I had no clue what I wanted/needed if mine wasn’t worth repairing. The Outback is high on my list when the time comes!

  2. Oh oh, don’t tell him I said so but Clay no longer looks 12 years old! Looks like a nice time – those kids are all so cute!
    Aunt Sue

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