The Last Few Days of {Real} Summer

I apologize but I just have to open this post with a cheer – woohoo hoo hoo hoo hoo C – L  – E – M – S – O – – N. How about ’em Tigers?


The Subaru has a few more miles on the odometer, Violet expanded her her total states visited to five, and Weston can now spot a Starbucks billboard from the confines of his carseat with expert precision. We spent the last few days of summer taking the family roadster down to Wilmington, NC and visited with Clay’s parents, Meredith, Harry, and Alaina, and Martha and crew. Having been introduced to Clay’s parents in the hospital, Violet was able to meet the rest of the gang during our visit.


On Oak Island, Caswell Beach is located near the Coast Guard Station and is a great not-so-popular beach for those us who don’t enjoy laying shoulder-to-shoulder with nylon- clad strangers. It is the beach of choice for the family when visiting and we weren’t disappointed this Labor Day weekend.


After spending the last two summers in Oklahoma, we’re happy to be near a coast this year. Living in middle America made me realize just how much I dislike not being within a day’s drive to the ocean or at the very least a Great Lake. The little guy loves the beach and Violet appears to be quite the beach bunny herself.



On Saturday night, the grandparents put on their game faces and offered to watch the kids while we went out for an early dinner and some drinks in Southport. We went to The Yacht Basin Provision Company, which is Meredith and Harry’s favorite restaurant in the area.


It was Clay and I’s first time at Provisions (as called by the locals) and we left wondering what the hell took us so long to eat there. The steamed shrimp was amazing and I finished my plate wishing I went with the full pound instead just a half pound (I can pack away some shrimp). Clay had the shrimp and crab cake special and we shared an order of steamed clams. Beer and margaritas rounded out the meal.


We were back at the house by 8pm for the Clemson & Georgia kick-off. My brother, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law (pictured with my sister at my parent’s house before the game) are Georgia alumni and didn’t hesitate to participate in some smack-talking throughout the day on Saturday. Right before kick-off, they texted us a picture of them decked out in red so we couldn’t help but return the favor. Orange proved to be the color of the night as Clemson emerged victorious. Go Tigers!


On Sunday, we went back to Caswell Beach where we met Martha and crew. After a couple of hours in the sun, we ventured back to the house for a steak dinner. Before Martha left to go back to Fayetteville, we managed to get a picture of all six cousins…let me tell you, it was like herding cats.


We left Wilmington Monday morning and pulled into our driveway at 7:30pm with a pizza box on my lap. Over the weekend, we said our goodbye to the unofficial end of the Summer of 2013 and anxiously await the slow entrance of fall (insert obligatory Pumpkin Spice Latte reference/picture). I’m thinking that we should try and squeeze a small vacation in with our already planned day trips, wedding weekend in Pennsylvania, and trip to Charlotte for Thanksgiving. I’m thinking the Shenandoah Valley…it doesn’t get much more fall than that, right?


6 thoughts on “The Last Few Days of {Real} Summer

  1. GOOOOOOO DAWGS. I had to. Until next time Clemson….Until next time…My favorite thing about the summer to fall transition is football and pumpkin spice lattes. I got A LOT of both this labor day weekend.

  2. I had never heard of Clemson before I read your blog a few years ago (my brother played football in the Pac-10) but we watched the game and I totally thought about you….hope that’s not weird! 🙂

  3. what a great family vacation for the clan. Looks like all the cuz’s get along, and couldn’t help but smile at the group pic of the kids!

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