Breaking The Pattern

It’s far too easy for moms of young children to slip into a persona that seems to embody everybody but herself. It’s a given that we love our children more than simple words can describe but sometimes, it feels that if we don’t devout our entire selves to our children, we’re somehow doing motherhood wrong. And when days literally do revolve around the caring of our children, it can be difficult to escape, let alone simply go to the bathroom in peace. At the end of the day, I don’t want to feel like a martyr with nothing left for myself.  For me, it is far too easy to slip into that pattern, hence the lack of writing as of late.

My plan to become a blogger extraordinaire upon the birth of our second child has fallen faster than Wreckx-n-Effect’s career (seriously, what ever happened to them? All I wanna do is zoom a zoom zoom zoom). I suppose you can now add writing on a regular basis to the ‘Things I am Not Good At’ column along with keeping plants alive, singing in tune, and becoming a millionaire before 30.  I’d like for this to change, if anything because writing is a cost-free hobby that is 100% completely mine. My thoughts. My words. I have so many different posts floating around my head but a variety of reasons are preventing me from typing words on the screen and clicking ‘publish’. Whether it be writer’s block, the lack of confidence, or the lack of time (or perhaps a smidgen of all three), I must find a way to overcome this stalemate.

I hope to write about our adventures, my attempt to lose the baby weight through exercise and eating healthy, military life, ridiculously good food and drink, and whatever happens to floating my boat that particular day. I suppose you can say that I am finding myself again (seeing that typed out makes me sound like a plot device found on the Lifetime Movie Network). I promise I’m not going to backpack through Europe or start quoting Catcher in the Rye or do whatever the post-collegiate youngin’s are doing these days (GET OFF MY LAWN!!!). My goal is to go about this blogging business without coming across as a self-important ninny. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?


3 thoughts on “Breaking The Pattern

  1. Thank you for the sweet comment! Unlike most people with a camera today, I have no aspirations to become an actual photographer, but certainly would like us to have nice photo albums for the future!

    I get what you are saying about Drum. It’s just close enough, that sure you could come down for a long weekend, but just far away enough to be inconvenient. No matter where we live, we always leave feeling like there is something that we never did. In Florida we never went to Mobile which was only two hours away and we drove through it on our way to visit my husband’s family several times!!

  2. Agh! I accidentally hit enter too soon! I was going to finish up saying that I look forward to all of your future posts no matter the subject. But please share if you ever do figure out to keep those plants alive, I’m right there in that club with you!

  3. My writing/blogging (“writing” actually sounds more professional than what my blog is) came to a pretty abrupt halt once Molly was born. This two kid thing takes up, I dunno, DOUBLE the time that one did? Insane. And I’m still looking for ways to lose the baby weight (why yes, Molly is almost 18 months, why do you ask?), so if you can write about the one that involves cake and wine, I would be your happiest reader. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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