I Don’t Know.

It’s fall! It’s time for pumpkin-everything, the start of the holiday season, and crisp air. It also means that we’re at that time of year again when words such as ‘government shutdown‘ and ‘debt ceiling’ dominate the news and will likely continue to do so until another female pop star dry humps an inanimate object in her underwear. Such is life in our world, nowadays. As a military wife, I am accustomed to answering questions with, “I don’t know” or some variation of the phrase…

How long are you going to be stationed here? I don’t know.

Where are you going next? I have no idea.

When will you hear from him again? I don’t know.

When will he be home? Not sure about that one.

When will he deploy again? Hell if I know.

But one question I never expected to answer that way is when will he be paid next? The rational part of me thinks that all this talk of a shutdown is just chest-puffing and theatrics by our ever-so-competent Congressional representatives. But it is getting quite tiresome having our livelihood (along with millions of others) used as a pawn in a never-ending political game that has no true winner.  An interesting blend of apathy and extremism seems to define our political culture these days. And I left wondering what is going to be the single event that makes all of us moderates channel our inner-Howard Beale and yell, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” I don’t know.


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Know.

  1. You read my mind, Karen. Even though all this talk about government shut down is more than likely just another pissing contest, it’s still scary for those in the military community (and other threatened federal workers) who are living paycheck to paycheck. I’m proud of my status as both a veteran and an Army wife, but at the rate things are going now I’ll be relieved when my husband retires.

  2. Seriously. This year has been exhausting with the whole “IS he or ISN’T he going to get paid?”.
    I love the line about apathy and extremism, how perfectly you put it! Hopefully, this pissing contest doesn’t turn real, the way sequestration did…

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