Our Country Deserves Better

Last week, I wrote a post titled I Don’t Know about my dissatisfaction with members of Congress using the threat of a government shutdown as a negotiation tool. With the shutdown looming tonight at 11:59pm, my feelings of exasperation have reached a boiling point. And I am not the only one. My friend, Jill, wrote a post titled Dear Congress. In her post, she references a CNN video, where another military wife voices her frustration. Watch out world – we’re starting to get mad as hell. Our military deserves better. Our federal workers deserve better. And most importantly, our country deserves better.

Those who think the military is overpaid and told me so in the comments of my blog post, Lifestyles of the Rich and Camouflaged, will be be pleased should a shutdown occur because thousands of deployed service members will continue their mission without pay; same with stateside military personnel, the FBI, and other government workers considered essential. I will freely admit that I have not read the 2000 page Affordable Care Act (I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that our legislators haven’t read it in it’s entirety either). And I am not going to debate the specifics on this blog. While the Affordable Care Act may be the final push over the edge, the atmosphere in Washington has long contributed to the mess that we’re in today. It seems that gone are the days when across the aisle politics were fueled by respect and compromise  (side note – check out Chris Matthew’s new book, Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked). The current environment is ugly and frankly, an embarrassment to our country.

My disgust with Congress far extends my personal situation. I proudly believe that the United States of America is the best country in the world. I want citizens of our country to continue to prosper and make contributions to our global community that improve the quality of life for all members of the human race. We can do better. Furthermore, the last government shutdown is estimated to have cost our country 1.4 billion dollars. It’s no secret that our economy is on shaky ground and our debt continues to increase. From a pure financial standpoint, the last thing our country needs to do is toss around the idea of a government shutdown as if we’re simply arguing over what to have for dinner.

If the shutdown occurs and my husband reports to duty (without pay, of course) we will make do. Over the course of our experience with the military, some have scratched their heads as to why my husband would choose to serve his country during wartime. I’ve heard, “I don’t know how you do it” countless times. This is our life and we have chosen this path despite the not-so-glamorous aspects. Over the years, I’ve worried about my husband being killed as he deployed in the name of our country but until recently, I’ve never worried about him getting paid by the government for which he proudly serves. As a military wife, the threat of a government shutdown makes me angry. As an American citizen, our current state of political division and lack of mutual respect frustrates me beyond belief. And as a human being, the behavior demonstrated on Capitol Hill causes me to shake my head in disgust. Our country deserves better.


6 thoughts on “Our Country Deserves Better

  1. Like it or not this is not the actions of congressmen. It is the congressmen acting on behalf of the people. People in there districts do not believe in a current policy and the congressmen are doing there jobs of representing the people. Unfortunately this is a politcal tool that is being used to no avail. The congressmen don’t want to shut the government down they want to repeal a bill that only 39 percent of the population thinks is a good idea. The error lies in a president who doesn’t want to negotiate with congress. He is trying to bully the congress into submission. Regardless of how personal the situation is to so many people it is a perfect representatiom of our constitution. A constitution that is suppose to balance power. This is the ultimate check and balance. It is the job of the congress to approve a budget. Something imo they have failed to do properly for so long. The president thinks he is more important than congress and this is the result.

    1. While it may be true that only 39% of the population thinks Obamacare is a good idea, the fact of the matter is, it has been passed and it is law, and the Supreme Court upheld it. We ARE being held hostage with a government shutdown, and I truly believe that big business is running our country through our president, congress and local branches of government. Just my opinion and not trying to incite a fight.

  2. Scott, I wished I had your faith that our Congressional representatives are serving their constituents and not PAC’s and big money lobbyists. The Affordable Care Act has already been passed and was found constitutional by the Supreme Court. It should not (nor any other law) be used as a line in the sand ie: we won’t vote to extend the current budget unless you delay the already passed healthcare act. While I doubt that the new Healthcare Act is perfect, as a health care professional I can say that we are overdue for our current system to be overhauled. And why are the Republicans (The Tea Party part of them anyway) willing to risk our tenuous economic recovery with a governmental shutdown that will cost us (the taxpayers) 81 million a day?
    Aunt Sue

  3. Great post! I’m so frustrated and fed up. It’s time to hold Congress accountable. They should be paid a typical public servant’s salary, like a teacher. And they should only be paid when they actually do their job. They should be required to work a set schedule and be penalized when they don’t show up for work. They should travel to and from DC on their own dime. They need term limits and regular social security pensions like everyone else in the workforce. Earmarks should be abolished. And they should not be able to accept money or gifts from lobbyists or PACs. Let’s make the law-making process transparent and fix our broken country!
    Stepping off soap box now…

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