Last month, Weston informed us that he wanted to be a tiger for Halloween. We browsed Amazon and let him picked the costume that struck his fancy and met our requirement of being reasonably priced. Two days and $30 later, a tiger costume was delivered to our door. Knowing we had a family-friendly Halloween party to attend, we brainstormed family costume ideas that would incorporate Weston as a Tiger. Because a family that dresses in Halloween costumes together, stays together. And that my friends, is how we became Siegfried & Roy this past Saturday.


Even though we had the idea for a couple of weeks, we procrastinated and didn’t even start working on our costumes until the day of the party. After quick trip to Goodwill, our costume bin, and Clay’s raiding of my closet, we emerged not-quite-but-close-enough versions of Siegfried & Roy. Our tigers may have been orange instead of their white and my wig is much more red than Siegfried’s blonde hair but meh, details. The other partygoers agreed that the blood on Clay’s neck and collar really pulled the costume together, much like The Dude’s living room rug.



Oh, and for those wondering, SARMOTI is an acronym for ‘Siegfried And Roy, Masters Of The Impossible’.


Life Lately

The past week has been full of little moments that have added up to everyday life. None really seem worthy of an individual post but rather a collective look at life lately.


I finally found the time to add on to the ‘established’ sign I made way back in 2008 and turn it into  a ‘places we’ve lived’ sign. I like the rustic nature, which fits in with our decor better than the ‘Home is Where the Army Sends Us’ signs, which seem to have more of a country-chic flai


The cooler temperatures require more layers for preschool.


Violet is looking less like a newborn with each passing day.


Clay’s schedule hasn’t been as insane, which means he gets home before bedtime. Woohoo!


I have officially passed my love of stripes on to Violet.


And finally, yesterday afternoon we pulled out the extra furniture in our garage with the intent to sell it but ended up hanging out with neighbors well into the evening, drinking home-brewed beer instead. The weather was just too gorgeous to do anything else. Three of our neighbors brew their own beer and another makes liqueurs, so I am seriously considering getting into making wine. I will gladly accept any recommendations for starter kits and the like.

The Army Ten-Miler

This past Sunday (October 20th), Clay and I ran the Army Ten-Miler. Seeing as how Clay is in the Army and currently stationed in the Washington DC area, we knew that running the race this year was a must. As the second-largest ten-mile race in the United States, the Army Ten-Miler had 35,000 runners this year, in addition to satellite races in various combat zones. Needless to say, this was the largest race we’ve ran.


My phone was stolen on Friday morning, so I was iPhone-less for the race, which explains the lack of photos after the race, but we managed to snap this picture early Sunday morning in the car on our way to the Pentagon with Clay’s phone. We (wisely) chose not to take the metro, instead we drove and had no trouble finding a parking spot in the garage at The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. A quick walk under the tunnel and we were at the Pentagon.


Since it was our first time running this race, we were a little overwhelmed at the sheer number of people and how the corrals in the holding area were organized. I was in an earlier wave than Clay so we didn’t start the race together, which is fine by us because Clay is a much faster runner than me. Especially 13 weeks post-partum me.


Despite starting later, Clay still finished about 30 minutes ahead of me. I am still proud of my performance though. Especially since I hadn’t really trained for the race (finding the time to run with a newborn in the house again is much harder than I anticipated). I ran (slow) for the first 8 miles, then walked a half-mile over the I-395 bridge, and then ran the last 1.5 miles of the race. Clay was waiting for me at the finish line, where we picked up our finisher coins and met up with the participating members from Clay’s unit.


At no point during the race did I regret signing up. In fact, if we’re still here next year, I want to run it again. While I don’t think running is the most enjoyable activity ever, I don’t hate it and I would like to run more races this year.

2013 Army 10

The Army Ten-Miler is such a special race. There were many participants running in honor of fallen family members and friends. And the wounded warriors were nothing short of inspirational. We’re so thankful for the opportunity to participate and consider it one the many awesome things about living in the Washington DC area.