A Quick Weekend Getaway

Whelp – we’re in a government shutdown. It seems a bit flippant to blog about other things but everyday life continues despite the upheaval on Capitol Hill. So let’s talk our quick trip to Pennsylvania, shall we? Last Thursday night, we placed our pajama-clad kids in the car and drove up I-95 to my sister’s house in Collegeville, PA. We made it about 5 miles into our journey before Weston declared his need to use a restroom. In rush-hour traffic. And since we save pee-on-the-side-of-the-road adventures for true emergencies, we braved an exit ramp and the little guy made it to a hotel lobby bathroom just in time. While wearing his dinosaur slippers. And with a not-so-quick stop at a travel plaza in Delaware to nurse Violet and refuel with Starbucks, a Michael Smerconish podcast, and two sleeping children, we arrived at 11pm. Then promptly treated ourselves to beer.


On Friday evening, we attended an absolutely gorgeous wedding of my sister’s best friend at the Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, DE. I’ve known Jackie for years and met her fiancé, Jason, when they traveled to my other sister’s wedding in the Dominican Republic. While our high school proms were always held at the du Pont Country Club, this wedding served as my first event at the Hotel du Pont, a historic building with beautiful architectural details.


One of Clay’s favorite parts was the table side meat carving.


On Saturday morning, we put on our Clemson gear (Clemson 56, Wake Forest 7) for a traditional fall day – a farm and football. My mom joined us (she traveled up from Georgia to watch the kidlets while we participated in wedding festivities) on a trip to Varner’s Farm for their Fall Harvest activities. Despite the temperature reaching 80 degrees, we still had fun participating in traditional fall activities. All that was missing was the crisp air.



Weston and Mikey had a blast weaving through a hay maze, looking at all of the farm animals, going on a horse-drawn ride around the farm, and building a scarecrow with Grandma.



It’s 80 degrees as I type this post. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for October weather. And to put this whole government shutdown business behind us. That sure does sound like a tall order, doesn’t it?



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