Life Lately

The past week has been full of little moments that have added up to everyday life. None really seem worthy of an individual post but rather a collective look at life lately.


I finally found the time to add on to the ‘established’ sign I made way back in 2008 and turn it into  a ‘places we’ve lived’ sign. I like the rustic nature, which fits in with our decor better than the ‘Home is Where the Army Sends Us’ signs, which seem to have more of a country-chic flai


The cooler temperatures require more layers for preschool.


Violet is looking less like a newborn with each passing day.


Clay’s schedule hasn’t been as insane, which means he gets home before bedtime. Woohoo!


I have officially passed my love of stripes on to Violet.


And finally, yesterday afternoon we pulled out the extra furniture in our garage with the intent to sell it but ended up hanging out with neighbors well into the evening, drinking home-brewed beer instead. The weather was just too gorgeous to do anything else. Three of our neighbors brew their own beer and another makes liqueurs, so I am seriously considering getting into making wine. I will gladly accept any recommendations for starter kits and the like.


4 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Violet has such a great smile! We never did wine making, just beer making (out of desperation living in Utah!). If you google Williams Brewing co, they have mostly beer stuff, but I know they sell wine supplies as well and we like their products.

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