Still Sunglasses-less

Last night, Clay submitted the rough draft of his thesis, therefore relinquishing control of my MacBook Pro back to me during the evenings. Since Clay’s laptop can no longer be trusted to maintain power or perform simple tasks without the power of prayer, I graciously offered my beloved computer as the ultimate marriage bargaining chip that I will inevitably cash in at some point in the future. I know, I know – I am such a supportive wife. And because my thumbs are too fat to blog on the phone, I just haven’t been writing.


Aside from breaking my sunglasses by shutting in the car door, the past few weeks have been life as usual. Meredith and Harry drove up with Alaina, and then we all went to Megan and Mike’s in Pennsylvania for the weekend. The main reason for the trip was for Harry to run the Philadelphia Half Marathon but we managed to squeeze in some good times too.


Lunch at The Appalachian Brewing Company.


Alaina is absolutely smitten with Violet.


They spent hours playing car wash on Saturday afternoon.

unnamed-8This just might be my favorite picture ever of Weston.


I suppose I’ll close this post with a picture of the craft Weston made while I was at MOPS last week. As you can see, he is extremely thankful for carbohydrates and sugar this Thanksgiving. So am I, kiddo. So am I.


Holding Pattern

We received orders about 10 days prior to PCSing (PCS = permanent change of station) to Fort Belvoir. While we knew there was a chance we could be sent to the Washington DC area, there was little time to prepare by the time official word came our way. But we managed to schedule the packers and movers, find a property manager and rent out our house that we just bought eight months prior, and say goodbye to our 18-month experience in Oklahoma. We trekked halfway across the country in two cars, found a townhouse to rent, lived in TLF (temporary lodging facilities) on Fort Belvoir (horrid condition) and Joint-Base Anacostia-Bolling (very nice condition) for a month while waiting for said townhouse to become available, and began living life in northern Virginia.

IMG_2157Waving goodbye to our HHG in Oklahoma.

Life has been good to us here. Our neighborhood is great. Weston loves his preschool. Clay’s job is demanding but fulfilling. And Violet arrived this past summer, pushing us into ‘family of four’ territory. 15 months after receiving orders, we’re happy and we’re settled. Which can only mean one thing in the Army world – it’s time to introduce some uncertainty into the picture.


We tried.

We’re now approaching the time of year when a lot of military families find out whether or not they’re PCSing the following summer. While we’re not slated to leave here until the Summer 2015, there is a small chance we could be leaving earlier than planned. Which means that we’re officially in wait and see mode. When it comes time to leave the Washington DC area, whether it be the Summer 2014 or Summer 2015, it will be difficult to say goodbye. As with every place we’ve lived thus far, we will leave a piece of our heart behind. Although I am extremely thankful we won’t be leaving behind any real estate this time!


Violet was a stowaway.

We hope to know after the holidays as to whether we’re staying another year or moving on this summer. From this point forward, three years will likely be the longest at any one place we will live (the Fort Drum assignment currently holds the record at 3 years, 5 months), at least until retirement. So the notion of moving again isn’t of any surprise to us. We’re trying our hardest to instill a sense of adventure in our children, if anything to cut down on the sadness that accompanies every move.

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.” T.S. Eliot. Little Gidding, Four Quartets

So here we are, in a holding pattern. It’s not impacting our life in a negative way with the extremely minor exception of the fact we’re refraining from planning our summer vacation until we know a little more about our future. And that’s okay. There is no need to fret about the unknown, for we still have a lot of living left to do in northern Virginia.

Let Me Clear My Throat

As DJ Kool famously proclaimed, let me clear my throat. This blog could certainly use a little more oomph in the writing department, don’t you think? While I certainly don’t claim to be the next Oscar Wilde (I would look positively dreadful wearing an ascot), I like to think that I can string a couple of worthwhile words together and form a decent sentence or two. I am not sure if it is because I curled my hair today or what, but I am finally ready to push my sleeves back up and write. But not tonight. Because two new episodes of Parks & Recreation are on at 8pm. Two!


And as my sister-in-law, Meredith, reminded me this afternoon, our Clemson Tigers are also on at 8pm.


The very definition of #firstworldproblems. Thank goodness for DVR and the ‘last’ button on the remote control. And speaking of such buttons, whenever I utilize ‘last’, I am always reminded of when I would secretly watch Beverly Hills 90210 in our den while in the third and fourth grade (oh my goodness, I could not get enough of Luke Perry’s sideburns). Since this occurred during a time before ‘jump’ and ‘last’ buttons on the remote (seriously guys, it is a remote or a remote control, not a clicker), I had to physically punch another channel number whenever I thought I heard my parents or siblings near the den door. For whatever reason, my parents didn’t like their 9-year-old daughter checking in with the Walsh family every Wednesday at 8:00pm. I’m not going to lie, I still pump my fist along with Jason Priestley whenever I hear the intro.

Oh what the hell, I’ll just leave this here for your enjoyment…