Bibbity Bobbity Boo

Alternative title – This is How We Celebrated Halloween 2013.

Whenever Halloween falls on a weekday, a flurry of excitement, stress, and last-minute preparations always seems to precede the actual event of trick-or-treating. However, the stars were aligned this year – all of the military dads were home by 5:15pm (even Clay had an early release!) and able to celebrate the festivities. Our neighborhood court decided to do a potluck dinner before trick-or-treating so at 5:30pm, we made our way outside for food, beer, and candy. Lots and lots of candy.


I didn’t want to push a stroller around our hilly neighborhood so I knew I had to come up with a costume that incorporated our Ergo baby carrier. A quick Google search yielded a bunch of ideas – my favorite being a spider. I simply ducted taped and pinned 4 pair of socks stuffed with newspaper and wire to the inside of my carrier. I also added spider webbing and a couple of rubber spiders to my hair because why not? The little guy was the cutest tiger I’ve ever laid eyes on, courtesy of Amazon. This year was the first time I didn’t make his costume (see Halloween 2012Halloween 2011, Halloween 2010) but he was just so darn adorable that I didn’t care too much.



In addition to all of the tasty food, our neighbor served a home-brewed pumpkin beer and an apricot blonde that were absolutely delicious. And his wife (pictured above with me) made pumpkin-spice caramel corn, which might be the tastiest thing I’ve eaten all year. It was that good!


And of course, the children were adorable/frightening in their costumes.


Slash actually set up shop on his parents’ driveway and played the guitar while handing out candy. How cool is that?


Weston thought the costume of one of the dad’s was “scary funny”. Clay and I agreed that it is time for him to invest in a costume to wear each year so he can join the ranks of dads who enjoy frightening the wee-ones during trick-or-treating. My dad was ‘that dad’ and always appreciated my parents going all-out on Halloween. We can only hope that Weston and Violet will feel the same way.


I snapped this while trick-or-treating. I thought it was super creepy looking.


By 7:45pm, our little guy was trick-or-treated out.

Clay and I have always enjoyed celebrating Halloween. As much as I enjoy the adult-side of celebrating, there is just something so fun about experiencing Halloween with your children. The adorable costumes, the excitement, and the little scares here and there all add up to a wonderful family experience. Happy Halloween!


4 thoughts on “Bibbity Bobbity Boo

  1. That’s awesome that your neighborhood had a potluck! What a great way to celebrate Halloween! And I’m pretty sure that Weston and Violet will love having a Dad that dresses up for Halloween each year!

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