The First Week of November

On Friday afternoon, the little guy, sweet pea, and myself met my dad at the train station. He had a business meeting in the District that morning and arranged his schedule so he could spend the night with us before flying out on Saturday morning.


My dad enjoyed building Legos with Weston and getting Violet to give him her one of her infamous smiles.  The kids enjoyed seeing their grandpa and my dad relished in Grandpa duties for the evening.


Because Washington DC is a popular business trip destination, we’ve had more visits here from family and friends than any other place we’ve been stationed. In fact, one of Clay’s best friends from high school stopped by last week while in town for business. He was a groomsman in our wedding (Clay was unable to return the favor due to a deployment) but due to busy schedules and everyday life, it had been awhile since they’ve seen each other. In fact, I think I was pregnant with Weston. A lot has changed since then!



Clay had to work this weekend, which about as beautiful of a fall weekend as one could ask for. The golden leaves are starting to make their way to the ground at a feverish pace – it won’t be long before bare trees line our neighborhood streets.


On Saturday evening, once Clay came home, we went out to dinner at The Silver Diner. Weston channelled his inner-Leslie Knope and ordered waffles. A tear rolled down my cheek; I was so proud.


Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


When we were getting the kids ready for bed last night (pre-bath pictures above), I took advantage of them being side-by-side and snapped a couple of out-of-focus pictures. They’re certainly not pin-worthy, but they make me smile.

The other day I was asked what type of blog I wrote – was I a mommy blogger, did I curate a lifestyle blog, did I write sponsored posts, etc…? I didn’t really have an answer, I just meekly said something about simply writing about my life. Nothing more. Nothing less. The nature of blogging has changed immensely since I began in 2006. While this blog is bigger than it was seven (!) years ago, it is still small. And I think I prefer it that way. I didn’t start blogging to make money. I didn’t start blogging to increase my Q score, and I didn’t start blogging to launch a career of _____ – guru. I just simply wanted a place to write and document what happened to be going on in my life at that moment. And I still do.

This first week of November has me thinking about this blog and blogging in general. What makes a good blogger? What makes a bad blogger? Is it fair to put images of my children on the Internet (which never forgets) when they’re too young to have a say? I don’t have answers. Is this even something I want to continue to do for the foreseeable future? How do I determine what is worthy of a blog post? By writing these last two paragraphs, have I become my own worst nightmare (ugh, blogging about blogging)? So I am unsure about how things will unfold in the future…whether do more day-to-day documenting or just reserve this space of when I have something of seemingly importance to say. We shall see.


5 thoughts on “The First Week of November

  1. Sometimes I ask myself those questions…. and then I usually push them to the back of my mind and go eat some chocolate. I blog so that I can reread one day when I’m old and in my beachfront nursing home (a girl can dream!) and remember what it felt like to be knee deep in breastmilk, diapers, deployment, LIFE. I try to ask myself if I would be offended/ticked/whatever if MY mom had blogged my childhood. And to be honest? No. I would be happy to be able to go back and read what she was thinking, how she felt, and what she did during certain situations. I would love to know what a day in the life looked like back then for her. And that’s my answer. That’s why I’m still blogging. No money, no sponsorships, nothing really momentous. Just regular life and a lotta poop (unfortunately).

  2. Part of why I took such a long break from blogging is because of those very questions you posed in your last paragraphs. I came back to blogging mostly BECAUSE my blog is so small that I’m able to feel somewhat anonymous and like I’m not exploiting my children somehow. I feel comfortable using my blog as a semi-public journal of my life, and feeling somewhat accountable to a small group of readers is what keeps me coming back whereas a graveyard of abandoned private written diaries proves that I can’t be accountable only to myself 😉 Like you, I don’t really know where the future will take me in terms of blogging, but fortunately we don’t have to make those decisions right this minute!

  3. I love your blog but I ask myself the same questions all the time. Why do I really blog – I do not have an answer…let me know when you have an answer 🙂 I do not know what the future of my little blog will be either…guess we will both see!

  4. I worry about the kids and internet and all that jazz too, but when it comes down to it, like Jenn said, it is for me to remember what these times were like! There is already so much I would have forgotten if I didnt record it on the blog. I am curious to see what happens when my kids are school aged, or if I ever go back to work. Time will tell!

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