A Day Trip to Baltimore

Yesterday morning, we met my sister, Megan, and Mike and Mikey in Baltimore for the day. Being so close to Philadelphia is one of the many perks of being stationed in the Washington DC area and we try our hardest to take advantage of living near each other. And since the boys are super close, who are we to deny them a morning of looking at trains together? So that is how we ended up at the B & O Railroad Museum in southwest Baltimore, which has “the oldest, most historic, and most comprehensive American railroad collections in the world.”


It was a nice museum, but a bit over-priced. Because it was Veterans Day Weekend, our general admission was comped due to Clay’s military status, which was very nice. One frustrating aspect was that the general admission ticket didn’t cover the train ride or the individual children rides outside (e.g. carousel), so separate tickets had to purchased to participate in those activities.

photo 2

The roundhouse was absolutely beautiful. Do you think our landlords would mind if I nail a bunch of cedar planks to our living room ceiling? The museum occupies the old Mount Clare Station and adjacent roundhouse. Mount Clare is considered the birthplace of US railroading because it was the site of America’s first passenger service in 1830.


photo 1

I love this picture. Weston looks like effortlessly cool.



After the museum, we went down to Fells Point, which is statistically 99.3% better than the Inner Harbor, at least in our opinion. Fells Point is a waterfront neighborhood founded in 1763 that sits east of the Inner Harbor and is filled to the brim with unique shops, pubs, and restaurants. The cobblestone streets, beautiful water views, and colorful storefronts all add to the charm. In certain parts, if you were to tell me we were in Annapolis, I would have believed you. It’s official – I have fallen hard for waterfront Maryland towns.


We ended up at Riptide by the Bay for lunch. We had to wait awhile for a table but the bartender couldn’t have been more welcoming. He insisted that we take a seat at the bar while the boys played with Legos in the window sill. Never ones to turn down good ol’ fashioned hospitality, we enjoyed draft beer (pumpkin, vanilla stout, and strawberry wheat), coconut shrimp, and Maryland crab dip until our table was ready. Yes, we were those people with little boys and a baby in a bar. The staff encouraged us to stay though – saying that the boys were cleaner and quieter than some of the regular drunks. So our four-year-old has that going for him.


Once seated, we put in our order for steamed crabs (plus two kids meals) and waited. About 15 minutes later, we had two dozen crab delivered to our table. We pushed up our sleeves and got to work.

photo 1In case you were wondering, yes. The crabs were delicious.

By the time we finished eating all the crab, it was 4:00pm and time to head back to our respective homes. Little guy and Violet both fell asleep on the hour-long drive home so Clay and I relished in the silence. Don’t worry, it didn’t last long.


2 thoughts on “A Day Trip to Baltimore

  1. I must say that not only does Wes look “cool”, so does Mikey and they both look like they are discussing something-maybe the chicks they’ve seen? LOL

  2. Fun day!
    It drives me batty as well, when museums have additional charges that are not covered by the general admission ticket. I would rather pay a little extra, and not worry about being nickel and dimed for every special exhibit, ride or Imax that they offer.

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