4 Months!


Violet is four months old today. So much has changed in the past four months, she is no longer a newborn but rather an infant. We’re learning more and more about her as she continues to grow and share her incredibly sweet personality. She is sleeping at least 10 hours at night, something Weston didn’t do until almost 12 months. We don’t have any sort of nap schedule yet, but that will come with time.


She is such a content baby. Violet never hesitates to share her brilliant smile and a rousing game of peek-a-boo is guaranteed to produce baby giggles. She is extremely aware of her surroundings and grasping at items – trying her hardest to bring them into her reach. Rolling over isn’t an everyday occurrence but it will be soon enough, we’re in no hurry for her to grow-up. Violet is also very vocal – we’re soaking in every last little coo and squeal we can.Desktop150

Violet looks very much like Weston did at this age. I often find myself calling her Weston or experiencing a deja vu moment, especially is she is using something from when Weston was a baby. I am totally biased but I think we make ridiculously cute babies. πŸ™‚



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