Still Sunglasses-less

Last night, Clay submitted the rough draft of his thesis, therefore relinquishing control of my MacBook Pro back to me during the evenings. Since Clay’s laptop can no longer be trusted to maintain power or perform simple tasks without the power of prayer, I graciously offered my beloved computer as the ultimate marriage bargaining chip that I will inevitably cash in at some point in the future. I know, I know – I am such a supportive wife. And because my thumbs are too fat to blog on the phone, I just haven’t been writing.


Aside from breaking my sunglasses by shutting in the car door, the past few weeks have been life as usual. Meredith and Harry drove up with Alaina, and then we all went to Megan and Mike’s in Pennsylvania for the weekend. The main reason for the trip was for Harry to run the Philadelphia Half Marathon but we managed to squeeze in some good times too.


Lunch at The Appalachian Brewing Company.


Alaina is absolutely smitten with Violet.


They spent hours playing car wash on Saturday afternoon.

unnamed-8This just might be my favorite picture ever of Weston.


I suppose I’ll close this post with a picture of the craft Weston made while I was at MOPS last week. As you can see, he is extremely thankful for carbohydrates and sugar this Thanksgiving. So am I, kiddo. So am I.


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