Staying Put

The holders of our destiny have spoken – we are staying in the DC area for at least another year and a half. Of course the Army can always throw us another curveball and nothing is ever set in stone but we’re happy with this news because there are still a lot local adventures we need to cross off our list. So this means we’re staying put for a little while longer. And I have some projects lined up for our house green lit by our landlord (paint, paint, and more paint). Crazy enough, if we end up staying here for the entirety of the initial three-year orders, we will reside in this townhouse for the longest period we’ve ever lived in a particular house.


Speaking staying put – the weather today in the mid-Atlantic has caused little guy, Violet, and myself to have a stay-at-home day. Unfortunately, Clay had to leave this afternoon to go TDY to Fort Bragg – just as the snow began to turn to sleet. But we did manage spend some time playing in the snow with neighbors and properly document Violet’s first snowfall before he left. The shovel is from our Fort Drum days – it has survived three moves and yearns to see the amount of snow it once did.


We’re spending the rest of this wintery-mix day inside things like drawing together, baking cookies, and watching Christmas movies. We may even get a little bit crazy and drinks some hot chocolate with marshmallows. I know, I know – we’re just too much sometimes.


3 thoughts on “Staying Put

  1. I am so happy you are staying put. NOVA is looking more likely by the day for us, so I cross my fingers I actually get to meet you and your lovely family after talking online for the past 8 or 9 years 🙂

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