Here Comes Santa Claus

Confession: I really do not like mall Santa experience. The long lines, the surly teenage workers that act as if the magic of Christmas isn’t real, the insane price tag for an overexposed picture, and {worst of all} the possibility of a Santa with a polyester beard. Ugh.


Me and my siblings in our best neon wear. Santa sure does look jolly.

DSC_0159This past Saturday, Weston’s preschool hosted a breakfast with Santa. We attended the event last year and I was tickled red and green to get the required photo op without resorting to a mall Santa. Sadly, Clay missed the event for the second year in a row but that is the way the Christmas cookie crumbles sometimes.


Weston is all about Kris Kringle and Violet seemed apprehensive during her first visit with the North Pole’s most popular resident. A photo with everybody smiling and looking at the camera wasn’t in our destiny this year but that’s okay. The little guy was thrilled to be able to share his Christmas list (legos, legos, and more legos) with Old St. Nick and I couldn’t help but match his smile as he soaked everything in. Best of all, the pictures I took were free!


They all saw something.

I was fairly impressed with this natural bearded helper of Santa. Knowing that some children might see him drive to and from the event in his car, he concocted a complex story about needing to park his sleigh at Dulles International Airport due to strict Washington DC air regulations. He explained that he has a rental car for his visit to the area and his sleigh is waiting for him in short-term parking. How can you know love a guy like that?


4 thoughts on “Here Comes Santa Claus

  1. Love your family photos with Santa! Your kids are adorable!

    I just took my kiddos to meet Santa. It was my baby’s first time and I didn’t know how it would all go. I got the token photo of my baby crying with Kris Kringle and another of the baby looking half okay, yet half unsure of what was going on. True classics! I love them. So, they are both getting framed. 🙂

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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