The State of This Blog

There is something about the arrival of a new year that always seems to make me reflect about this tiny little blog of mine. Come the first part of January, there is always a little voice encouraging me to pull the plug. Obviously, I haven’t succumbed to the internal peer pressure just yet but I am wondering if I need to make vast changes and I am really thinking hard about the future of this blog. It is obvious that my heart hasn’t been into updating this blog for quite some time. I’m afraid to admit that perhaps my intermittent posting is out of habit or ill-perceived obligation rather than joy.

One of my biggest gripes has to do with the lack of freedom that comes without having a self-hosted blog. But right now, this silly hobby is 100% free so I am asking myself if I want to financially commit to permanently launch my thoughts and pictures into the black hole of the web. Another aspect that drives me bananas is my inability to stick with a design and layout. This spills into my ‘real’ life as well – I am constantly rearranging furniture and experimenting with new styles. And lastly, I have to wonder if I am not pushing myself hard enough and really jumping into water with the most spectacular cannonball my body will allow. It certaintly is easier to stick with what I know.

Do I start over? Do I scrub this blog in a shinier version? Do I want more of a personal journal or a collection of well-crafted essay-like posts that are peppered with the occasional photograph? I’m not going to lie, the thought of starting over and bringing with me a small bag of curated posts gives me the most excitement. I like the idea of just leaving this blog as-is and starting over somewhere new. I have to ask, is that a crazy idea? Brilliant? Or just plain stupid?


6 thoughts on “The State of This Blog

  1. Do whatever is best for you and your family! 🙂 I love keeping up with your writing but you shouldn’t feel pressured to continue if that’s not what you feel in your heart. Will be here whether you continue or not.

  2. Right there with you, lady! I almost gave up again, and then I thought, “hey, why the heck not keep it – it gives me a FREE place to write if and when the mood hits.” At this point, I’m okay with that, though I see the blog fading away in the future… I think it’s the point every non-big-time blogger gets to. I didn’t become the “next big thing”, but I do have my own tiny little realm of influence, so… I’m still here. And I personally hope you stick around too. 🙂

  3. I am no help. My blog really is just a personal journal, I write it for me, and if anyone stumbles upon it, great, but I don’t expect that.

    I enjoy reading whatever you do, so trust your instincts on this one, but I do hope you will keep it public 🙂

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